1858 May 19 Letter from Unknown Sender


1858 May 19 Letter from Unknown Sender


Due to U.S. troops entering Utah borders efforts are taken to secure grain and lumber by moving them South. Wells is supplying tithing grain to be milled and is taking lumber from store fences to make flour boxes.






Brigham Young


1858 May 19


Great Salt Lake City



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Great Salt Lake City, May 19, 1858
Pres. Brigham Young,

Dear Brother,

Bro Lewis Robison is going to Provo to find a place suitable to store the ammunition and quartermasters stores, and will seek your consel in relation thereto. Adam and Joseph Sharp left yesterday with 1300 bushels of Wheat. We have also obtained several private teams, Bro McKean took a load of flour also bro William Cahoon has set one team to hauling , and bro. Taylor three large wagons with oxen and teamsters, besides one without a teamster which he has let us have to use. Bro. Geo. D. Grant's team takes out a load of lumber to day.

I went down to your first Mill yesterday, Bro Michael says there is considerable falling off of custom work and that he can grind from one thousand to twelve hundred bushels per week for the Church commencing next Monday, we shall supply the wheat to the Mill as it will help a good deal. they are making excellent flour and have plenty of water.

We shall have to take the lumber from the inside fences around the stores; Globe, &c. to make boxes. The enclosed letter was received yesterday, it tells its own story/ We send s word by Bro Robinson to Bro Naile to go an get <his> horses [-], and that he would do well to let out his house grounds to some body who would guard his stock for him

The Provo detail arrived to day, and have passed on to the scene of their duties. I have got Bro Wells to take (the) matter in hand in calling upon the influential men (who h)ave moved from the North to send back teams to bring out [-] the remainder balance of the grain from that region, and the poor families which have been left in this city he has

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