1858 May 18 Letter to Daniel H. Wells


1858 May 18 Letter to Daniel H. Wells


Brigham recommends operations be ceased at the saw mill and he will send more teams to haul wheat. He proposes that the wheat storehouse be carefully disassembled and rebuilt in Provo. He offers this own wood to make flour boxes, etc. and requests Brother Hirum to send currency.




Brigham Young


Daniel H. Wells


1858 May 18


Great Salt Lake City



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Provo, May 18, 1858.

President Daniel H. Wells,

Dear Brother:-
Yours of the 17th came to hand this forenoon, and, as always, your moves and suggestions meet my entire approval. Under the circumstances, it will be best to omit further operations in City Creek Kanyon, and say to br. Wilcox to return to this place, bringing with him loading of his own, if he has any.

I was much pleased to learn that Col. Kane had received so favorable news from his family and friends.

Concerning the wheat, we purpose sending to your aid, for hauling wheat, all the teams that can be raised in this county; and to prepare storage, I propose that the wheat store house north of the church barn be emptied, taken down carefully, nails saved &c., and all hauled to this place and put up again, which will at once furnish us much accommodation. Take the boards off from my woodhouse, which are good and well seasoned lumber, and make of them wheat boxes, flour boxes, and whatever else you please; be careful to save the nails, for the roof is put in with good nails. We shall send to you as many tight wagon boxes tight enough to hold wheat, as we can among the teams forwarded from this county.

I wish br. Hiram to send me some $2 or 300 in currency, as I have occasion to exchange some for specie, once in a while, since br. Woolly wishes to give some specie for currency. Please say to br. Hiram not to loan any more of <the> currency, until he receives word to the contrary. It will be well to have the above named <wheat> store house forwarded to this place as soon as possible, that we may have storage for the wheat when it arrives. The teams from this county will not be started for wheat, until I can hear from you concerning the prospect for moving the wheat store house, which I wish you to inform me about by the first opportunity. Bro. Lorenzo Johnson of Springville, has gone to the city for a load of wheat, please let him have what wheat he calls for.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young

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