1867 August 24 Remarks in the New Provo Meeting House


1867 August 24 Remarks in the New Provo Meeting House



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George D. Watt

extracted text

by Pres. Brigham Young, in the Provo new meeting house, evening meeting
August 24th 1867.
Reported by Geo D Watt

We have testemony in great abundance that the holy Ghost has operated upon this people, enlightening their minds, and giving them a relish for the things of God, and a distaste for the wickedness that is in the world. When the Lord does abundantly bless us, crowning our labors with success, giving us abundance of food, houses to live in, and lands and possessions, and gold and silver, the mind is in danger of becoming surfieted with the love of this world, darkening the understanding, and greiving the Spirit of the Lord, until the grace of God leeks out of the heart. We would be <b> very happy if the Latter-day Saints would handle the things of this world as unto the Lord devoting themselves, and all they possess to the building up of the kingdom of God on the earth; this would be very pleasing. We have much to say about <being> coming one.
With regard to the ordenances of the kingdom God we are already one. The Lord has revealed from heaven the Holy Priesthood of the Son of God, commiting the keys of the same to Joseph Smith the prophet. Until that preisthood was revealed we were all in ignorance, and walked in continual darkness so far as the things of God are conserned. I would be very sorry to say that we did not in our feelings desire to know love and serve the Lord, but we were destitute of the knowledge which Joseph Smith had. My brother Joseph Young has told <the> his experience, <of> for eight years I beleive he never smiled, and when he received the gospel, I do not know but for eight years afterward he smiled all the time, and he would laugh, and shout glory halalujah all the day long. I knew his life, and I knew that he was all the time trying to get light and knowledge. He would say to me, "brother Brigham is there a bible christian on the earth"? and he groaned in the Spirit, saying, "what is going to become of us, what will be the end of all the inhabitants of the earth. I told him that I callculated to do about as well as I knew how, to be honest truthful, full of integretty, and live as well as I can according to what I know, and when I get through I shall leave it all in the hands of God. I could not see any other way. I could not make one hair white or black with regard to the knowledge of God. I knew that there were no bible christians, and no true church of Jesus Christ on the earth I knew, but how to start one I did not know. When Joseph Smith made his appearance and introduced the gospel it had a certain sound, and we hearkened to it, and have left our homes that were among the different nations of the earth, and here we are gathered together in these far off distant regions proving thereby to the heavens and to the earth that we love God and His gospel. Seeing we have done this, will we now continue to persue a course wherein we shall not be entangled with the things of this world.
I have a desire to say some few things to the preisthood, and would be very happy if I could speak to the whole Church, both brethren and Sisters. I contemplate much with regard to this people. I foresee what we have got to be; and <th> I and, see the path which has been trodden by those who have gone before us; and knowing what is to be done to prepare this people to enjoy the presence of the Father and the Son, and to bring the world which lies in darkness to a knowledge of the Gospel I see how greatly
the attributes which dwell in the bosome of God should dwell in his ministers; although it is not possible for <me> them to possess which in this flesh that compassion, that mercy, that long suffering that faith which fills the bosome of our Father and our God. I trust that the words of brother Woodruff to the little boys and girls will not be forgotten that they may grow up into Christ their living head, and be qualified to under the preisthood of heaven. I can always see, and understand what we have got to be, that we may inherit the lives. The Lord will show compassion upon all <His children>, and He has prepared kingdoms and mansions and places and habitations that are very numerous for all His children except those who have become sons of perdition, by sinning against the Holy Ghost. And they will be satisfied, and enjoy more than they can in this life anticipate. As I have frequently said, John Wesley will enjoy a greater glory than it was possible for him in this life to anticipate or expect. Yet he can never see and enjoy the presence of the and of the Son unless he is officiated for on the earth by those who live in tabernacles; and so it will be with all the inhabitants of the earth who have lived from the
days of Adam until now, and who have died without a knowledge of the true gospel of the Son of God. Very few will enter into the presence of God and be crowned with the Gods of eternity, because they cannot bear it -- they cannot comprehend, receive <it> or endure it. Consider the travels of the Elders of Isreal for 37 years past. Here is brother Orson Hyde one of the first Elders in Isreal, and also Orson Pratt, I ask them if one third of the persons which they have baptized during the whole course of their ministry have gathered with the Saints and remained faithful to this day. You may not have thought of this. If we should say that one half of all who have been baptized have gathered with the Saints, one half of them are as they are, and as they were and ever will remain so; they do not seem to comprehend the glorious things of heaven and the dealings of God with His children, they are like the door that goes and comes on its ingies and are not profited beyond a certain extent. I have not opened my mouth to speak yet in public upon some principles which pertains to our every day life which I will now introduce. I would like the sisters to hear me, and especially the young ladies. We have in this community a large percentage of young men and young ladies that ought to be married. There are numbers of women in our community from 20 to 30 years old who pass along year after year without entering into matrimonial aliances, and preparing themselves to answer the purpose of their existance here. What are you doing? Do you realize the importance of <your> the duties which God has laid upon you to perform in this mortality? I hardly dare talk about the importance of our
propagating our specious, about the importance of the Saints in these mountains arising to obey the Great law of God to multiply, and prepare tabernacles for those noble spirits which God has held in reserve to come forth in the latter-days. It is almost impossible to tell the people anything about these principles because their ears are closed and their hearts are hardened. It is the duty of every young man in this Church when he is old enough to prepare to take the care and responsibility of a fam-
ily upon him, to commence to lay his plans to sustain a family, that in his early life he may become a father in Isreal, a substantial man and citizen, a man of care, of prudance and of econemy, a man filled with the heart and soul of an angel to administer consolation and salvation to his family, gathering around him the substance of this life for their comfort here, laying his plans continually to accumalate and spend his means in doing good all his days on the earth. It may be said, "but I want to go a preaching first," You may go preaching until you are grey with age, and you cannot save as many souls as you can to stay at home and perform faithfully your duties as men and as saints. That is not all, it takes more preaching to convert and gather up a few old traditionated sectarians than to bring
into existance and instruct thousands of our own offspring. <here> Our own children are tender hearted and full of faith in what their fathers and teachers tell them; but you cannot tell the traditionated sectarians in the old world anything which they will freely beleive, but they must introduce an argument, and they must inquire of this authority and of that. The boys and girls which we <get> raise in these mountains are the best immigration that we can possibly have. I say to the young men do not wait for the old men to marry the young women, I want you to court them and marry them. If the leading Elders in isreal will lay this to heart, and see the propriety of it I beleive they will urge it on the community. Were I to permit sorrow to come into my heart with regard to the foolishness of the Elders of Isreal it would bleed at every pore. They get wives around them, and in a little while they complain they do not love some one or more of them. It is realy not your business whether you love a wife or not; it is your business to cherish her, and comfort her, and be to her a guide to salvation. Then wives sometimes complain that they have lost all confidence in their husbands in consequence of their neglect, and abuse, <suffering> causing them and their children to suffer for want of food and clothing while their husbands are lazying away their time, without care and without econemy. Those men who treat their families in this way by and bye they will be disappointed, and that which they seem to have they will
find they possess not; for from the unworthy <of> these <things> blessings will be taken and given to those who are worthy. The Elders of Isreal should be careful to preserve every particle of ground they <and> obtain and maintain it, and let none whom the Lord has given him go from him unless it be a son or daughter of perdition. I have not read that there is daughters of perdition, we read of sons of perdition, Jesus said when praying to the Father, I have kept all thou hast given unto me except the son of perdition. The Lord made choice of him expressly knowing that he
had a devil within him. Keep every wife you get by treating her <in> so that she will want to stay with you. Take your sons and show them how to get a living, and when they are ready to enter into the marriage relation, let them take wives, but not unless they intend to norish them and cherish them all the days of their lives. If the Lord were to serve you as some of you do your wives he would kick you out of door and not let you inherit His kingdom. It is no matter whether you love a wife or not, it is you duty to treat her well. I have thought that a man should not have a wife that he loves because there are few women that will not in some way take the
advantage of it. I care not whether you love the girls or not, court some of them and make them beleive you willlove them all the days of your lives; it is realy none of their buisness whether you love them or not if you treat them as though you did. There is not a good man on earth that marries anything of a good woman but what she will love him if he does as he should do. It is as natural for a woman to love a man as it is to drink when she is thirsty, for it is in them and they cannot help it. A father does not love children as a mother does, and <a> he does not love his wife as she loves him. It will take some time to fully explain this phisiological trait in man. We shall love our wives as they should be loved if we are righteous truthful and just.
There is another little item. There are no doubt many young men who are afraid to venture into the married life for fear they will not be able to sustain their wives as they expect to be sustained, and they conclude to wait until they can get something to <sustain> support a family <with> upon. Will our sisters enter into some kind of an arrangement, and take the lead in this community in the matter of econemy, that their fathers and their husbands, or their brothers will not be expected to spend a thousand dollars for crinoline to feed a distorted fancy for dress. Let the ladies of Utah commence to make their own bonnets of straw, and the trimmings too, and make hats for their brothers, children and husbands, and be contented with that which we make with our own hands; and take the wool, and make of it your garments as fine as you please, and dress in that which you manufacture yourselves, and not be such a burden upon your husbands. When our young ladies come to this sensible conclusion, the young men will not be afraid to marry them. Now I ask those who are married to lead out in this laudable work of improvement. Instead of the ladies of Utah sitting down in idleness, depending entirely upon the toil of their husbands for their support let them do as the ladies of other counteries do, help all in their power to assist their husbands, and thus lighten the burden and responsibility which a family has brought upon him. If the young men and ladies will hearken to these things, from one end of the Territory to the other you will see <h> such an emmigration in this countery as you have never yet seen We not only want to emigrate the faithful from the nations but we want to emmigrate them from the heavens; but it is very that we should first creat an influence among this people against such an immence expenditure of means and labor for the importation of many things from the old world which we can well do without. We have tried to get them to save the money yearly laid out in tea and coffee. We all beleive that this people will be the head of the whole world, for we are the people of God, and we should take the lead in everything that is good. I care little whether we ware broad brimmed hats or narrow ones, low crowned or high crowned, but I do not like the principle of brother James waring a large stove pipe hat, because brother Joseph does. The ladies may make the skirts of their dresses as wide as they please and just as they please if they will not make them too low in the neck. I appear like to see my sisters dress up so that they <are> appear comely and modest in company. If we can introduce these things in the midst of this people should we not make another step onward with regard to becoming one. We have concluded to observe the word of wisdom never again from this time forth to fail in our resolution. We will get this well established, and then we will try to establish a oneness with regard to saving our grain. We have tried for 15 years and have failed yet to do it. We should not strew our blessings for naught upon our enemies, we should become one on this and then we should become one with regard to making among ourselves that which we consume. In the course of another year I think we shall have woolen factories enough in the Territory's to make from 6 to 800 <hund> yards of cloth in a day if we can get the wool to manufacture; this will encourage the people to take care of their sheep. Our cows should be well cared for and something raised near the house to give them, that they may give us plenty of milk and butter for our wives and children. We can take our wool to the factory in the spring and bring back our cloth to cloth our families fine or course as we please, you get your cloth that will do for men and boys and womens ware. Let the girls say, "Now if you will only marry me John I will help you to take care of your sheep." Then how easy it will be to make a duck pond, and we will raise a few geese and soon have a good bed to lay upon, you know we have four good straw beds already without the ticks and we will soon get a feather bed to put on the top of them; and we can get a little corn meal to make a little pudden for supper, and a little buttermilk to make a short cake for the children, and then we have a few potatoes etc. etc. I see no reason John why you should be afraid to get married. If the twelve think of it you may expect to hear a flood of teaching on this very subject tomorrow. I expect many years will not roll away before this people will be instructed and observe a method of living that we have not yet observed, a method that all the children should be brought up to follow. We should use milk, butter, chees, eggs, and eat the flesh of fish and foul, and the use of beef mutton and pork be dispensed with entirely. If the Latterday Saints would commence living in this way they would be much stronger, more healthy, our children would grow larger and finer and fairer than if they lived <much> upon beef and pork which engenders deaseas in their systems more or less. I have said enough.