1858 April 24 Letter from Daniel H. Wells


1858 April 24 Letter from Daniel H. Wells


An update on supplies and construction of the fence around the Tabernacle. Also mentions Governor Alfred Cummings and associates traveling South, as well as other personal matters.




Daniel H. Wells


Brigham Young


1858 April 24


Great Salt Lake City

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Great Salt Lake City, April 24/58 

President Brigham Young,

Dear bro.

I send the scantling the best that we could do on so short notice,  we have made it from the railing for the fence around the Tabernacle,  we sawed it the right length and can use the pieces for ties in the boxes.  I also send fifty five lbs of nails different sizes, about half of which I obtained from Ellerbeck, also some eight lbs of large nails and 100 spikes, happening to have them on hand.  If shingle nails are wanted we have some fifty lbs which we are at present using in hooping the boxes, but can be sent if you wish it.  I had picked up six of our carpenters and prepared to send them there this morning in fact the wagons had gone to load up before I got your letter thinking you would want them to work Monday morning so I concluded to still let them go and called upon Joseph A. for a team to take the scantling.  Mr A Governor Cumming returned yesterday, and intends leaving for the south Monday.  They are intending to investigate the Mountain Meadows affair and will I expect go as far as Harmony.  Bro Wm H. Kimball and David Candland are preparing to accompany them.  He wants Brigham and Stephen to go as guard to which I consented if you was willing, they will see you and stop at Provo if you prefer for them not to go.  The boys dont any of them feel much like going but he must be cared for while he remains in our midst for it would be entirely to responsible a concern to go down on our hands, and I feel as though it is rather risky to let him stay so long, and hope that his life is insured long enough to last him back to camp.

Bros. Jno, Joseph and Adam Sharp have gone North for wheat.  Bro. Sol. Angell starts south to day and Edmund will rest his team until Monday, he arrived here yesterday, this brings all the big wagons upon the road  It seems somewhat difficult to get families to load the teams from Iron County, they do not to go so far, but loading sufficient will be furnished them.

So far as I know your family are all well, as also bro Heber's.  Bro Snider has lost some eight or ten horses from near his place over Jordan and thinks that the Indians have got them with some ten or fifteen others,  they let them run on the range without herding and left them out nights.  Himself and a few others have gone to see if they can find them and to ascertain if possible if they are within reach, and to get them if they can without going too far.

The team is waiting.  May God bless you forever  amen.  I am glad to learn your health is improving.

As ever truly your brother in Christ

Daniel H Wells