1858 May 1 Letter to Nathaniel Leavitt


1858 May 1 Letter to Nathaniel Leavitt


Nathaniel Leavitt is asked to trade back the wagon for his mule, as Bro. Hart has greater need of the wagon.




Daniel H. Wells


Nathaniel Leavitt


1858 May 1


Great Salt Lake City



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President's Office
G S L City  May 1st 1858

Major Nathaniel Leavitt

Dear Bro: 

Your note of April 29th just came to hand for Bro. West, in relation to Bro Hart and the wagon traded to you for a mule.  It is my mind Bro. Leavitt that you let Bro. Hart have his wagon and take back the mule, and if you need help let me know and I will endeavor to send you some assistance.  We have heard of your liberality and energy in public service in times past, and trust that whatever sacrifice you may have been called upon to make in times past that when Israel shall again prosper that you will be abundantly remembered  Bro. Hart has no wagon and needs one and on many accounts the one he had is most desirable for him to have, and you Bro Leavitt I think can manage and if you cannot as above stated I will help you,  I was in hopes of seeing you, instead of writing again but trust that you will see the propriety of this course and act without further hesitation.

May the Lord bless you and yours with every choice blessing.

I remain your Bro. in Christ.

Daniel H Wells.

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