1867 August 27 Remarks in Lehi


1867 August 27 Remarks in Lehi



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George D. Watt

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by President B. Young Lehi Aug. 27th 1867.
Reported by G. D. Watt

I will say a few words to the congregation upon the subject upon which Bro. Orson Pratt has spoken. It is our privilege while in this life to be taught of the Lord. No being may expect to be made perfect in the kingdom of our Father and God to dwell with Him without first dwelling upon some earth -- without taking upon them a tabernacle, and living <so> in that tabernacle so as to be sanctified to inherit a celestial kingdom, <to> and dwell in the smiles of our heavenly Father and of those who live with Him. No <person> being can be exalted to His presence without first becoming a personage of tabernacle. One of the finest endowment ever God gave to man or woman on this earth or any other earth.
With regard to our names being recorded in heaven, I look at it as I look at things naturaly. He is not a wise descreet, prudent, learned father who does not keep a record of his children, in a book kept expressly for that purpose. They do not lack for books and scribes in heaven. I think that every spirit that is born in the heavens has a name, which is recorded in the book of life.
The names of every son and daughter of Adam that was ever born on the earth is written in heaven in a book kept expressly for that purpose, and there they will remain unless they do something in their probation which renders it necessary that their names shall be removed from the book of life and recorded elsewhere. Unless by our own acts we<r> are rendered unworthy our names never will be taken from the lambs Book of life. We have taken our tabernacles expressly for the purpose of becoming personages of tabernacle, in order that we may receive crowns of glory immortality and eternal life in the Celestial kingdom and presence of God. Every Son and daughter of Adam who will be saved in a kingdom of glory, except those who have sinned against the Holy Ghost, were born of one parentage in the heavens; where that is we will find out by and bye; suffice it to say that our Spirits were brought forth after the same likeness and manner of the bringing forth of our bodies, and we have been born into this world with earthly tabernacles that we may be prepared to return again with an immortal and saved body into the presence of our Father and God, and of Jesus Christ his Son, our Elder brother, there to rejoice with our parents and friends in the heavens. We have come to this earth to prove ourselves. I think that I may safely say that there will not be one person to millions who will be accounted worthy to be crowned with glory and immortality to receive the blessings of the lives. The blessing of eternal lives simply means, power given to propagate our species to all eternety. This was the promise which Abraham received from God in his day, although he had not then a Son or a daughter born to him, but he had the promise of a Son, and that of his increase there should be no end, that his posterity should be more numerous than <than> the sands upon the Sea shore or the Stars in the heavens. Those who obtain this glory are the ones who will become Gods even the Sons of God. Now I ask a very plain question, when a man is crowned a king, may we not expect that he will have a kingdom to preside over -- over which to reign? To talk of a king without subjects would be as irrational as to talk of a kingdom without territory. Our Heavenly Father in bestowing upon His sons and daughters, who are worthy, this priesthood, and kingly power to increase <with> subjects and obtaing territory, to extend the greatness of their kingdoms forever, only enhances the glory of His His kingdom, and the power of His might without end. There will a great many come into the Celestial kingdom of our Father and God who will not be crowned Gods even the Sons of God, but they will be angels, servants, those who will administer for the nations of men and women who will be brought into existance upon many earths the same as they have been upon this our earth; and so they will be located here and there according to the will of the king of kings and Iord of Lords. Here is a man who has past through the ordeals of this life, and through his faithfullness has been crowned with his glory. He has ten sons who tread in the footsteps of their father, who honor their being, live the religion of the Lord Jesus, abide the Celestial law, and sanctify themselves through the law of Christ and are prepared to come into the presence of there earthly father who has been crowned a king of heaven they also will be kings, and this will make their father a king of kings. They in their turn have ten sons each, who are also faithful, and they become fathers and kings of the other tens. Thus <by this constant increase the> greatness, power, glory, might and dominion is constantly increased throughout the endless ages of eternity, until their posterity, becomes more numerous than the stars in the firmament, or then the sands upon the Sea Shore. There is a great difference in the mental and phisical organization of men, some can understand, and others cannot, and some perform more than others, every person in their order, and time and season. When a man who has in this life secured by his faithfulness a title to a kingdom and a crown, enters into the possession of his glory with all his train <and> of attendants for whom he is responsible. They will not be Gods, even the sons of God. I have made these remarks that you may understand things as they are. We have come into these tabernacles expressly to do honor to them, that we may be prepared to be crowned.
When we learn to understand <things> by the spirit of revelation every thing relating to salvation will be reduced to common good sense. Nothing is a mirical to him who is filled with the wisdom of God. The ignorant alone see miricles, and to them the plainest truths are often shrouded in mystry. They see results eminating from certain causes which they do not understand. Hence you see in trying to obtain the salvation which we are seeking we must carry with us constantly good sound sense.
The prophet Joseph told us in his life time that when we returned to our father and God, and met him we shall fall on his neck, and he on ours, embracing each other. Then we shall understand clearly that we never could be crowned without first receiving a tabernacle, and honoring it, that it may be prepared to return into the presence of our Father and God. When the Latterday Saints are sanctified they are then prepared to sanctify the land they occupy. The Devil has possession of the earth, and we have to rout him from it. We are the heirs of those who inherited it from the Father in the first place; Satan has no right to it. We will continue our labors until we drive the power of Satan from it; then the earth will be sanctified for an habitation for the Saints and for angels. Every faithful member of the Church of Christ will always be found in all his earthly occupations and persuits attending to this business of purifying ourseles and the earth, that with us it may be redeemed and sanctified, and by and bye glorified and become like a sea of glass, as John the revelater saw it would be. Joseph the prophet has said that when the earth is thus sanctified it will be an immense Urim and Thumim, and those who live on <the new earth> it will be able to see all things by looking into it, and the earth itself will role back into the Celestial kingdom even into His presence; this earth will be the home of the Sanctified, and they will neighbor together.
May the Lord bless you.