1867 July 14 Morning Remarks in the Salt Lake Bowery


1867 July 14 Morning Remarks in the Salt Lake Bowery



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David W. Evans

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Remarks by President Brigham Young, delivered in the Bowery,
Gt. Salt Lake City, July 14th, 1867.
Reported by David W. Evans.

I feel to say a few words for Israel. We have had quite a history of the natives of the Sandwich Islands. They are of the House of Israel and they will be saved. There are causes for their present condition and circumstances, the details of which we have heard this morning I will now <w> make an inquiry, which I will leave <to> for historians to answer. When Captain Cook discovered those islands in the Pacific ocean, was there a fly, a flea, bed bug, rat, mouse, snake, toad, caterpillar, army worm, or any of those little insects now so abundant there to be found upon them? Historians may answer this if they wish to, but I say they have come with civilisation. I will ask another question. When Captain Cook <do> discovered those islands <wh> were there any of <of> those contagious or hereditary diseases among the people that are <to be> now so common and that destroy so many of them? I say they have made themselves manifest with the advent of civilization. With regard to <their> religion Bro. Joseph F. Smith has observed that the so-called Christian <religion or> missionaries have made them infidels, not with regard to the existence of a god, but <to> have brought them to practice a form of godliness without the power. They are by no means infidels, neither were they when discovered; and, in fact, I give to them and the aborigines of this Continent more credit for belief in the God of Heaven than I give to the Christian world. I do not wonder that the natives of those Islands, although against the laws enacted through the influence of the Whites, are returning to their old <pact> practices in the worship of their god or gods, knowing that they did perform miracles and accomplish wonders that the Christians could not accomplish. <Now>, We say, that the corruptions <now rif> and wickedness now rife in the Sandwich Islands have been <intro> introduced by Christianity, so called, because such practices were unknown among them formerly The question might be asked, Where is your proof? I deduce that from the known facts in the case. When discovered they were pure in their bodies, comparatively cleanly in their habits and free from those diseases that everywhere attend so-called Christianity; but having mixed Christianity with their heathenism they are reduced to their present position. I feel compassion on all of these heathen nations. In the first place there is not a people, or nation, nor any of the human family that lives on the face of all this earth, but what, either they or their fathers have had the gospel of the son of God presented to them. But they have turned away from the Lord, as we Christians, for instance have done. I
will appeal to the brethren and sisters now present, who have reached the ages of forty, fifty, sixty, or seventy years of age, what <was> were your traditions with regard to the God of this earth -- the Supreme being that we worship, without referring at all to the history given by Moses, and the sayings of Jesus? According to our traditions what does our God look like?" Why, He does not look like anything. Why? Because He has no body to look upon He is without body, <and> without parts, without passion, and I add, without principle or power. Did Moses teach any such God to the children of Israel? No, he did not. He wrote the history of the Creation
of the world, wherein he says that after the earth was framed and organized, God came to it and made man in His own image. The question with me, is, Is this fact or fable? Those heathens that <are> the Christian world cast off, <theant> thinking the die is cast and their doom sealed, know and believe more about God to-day than the Christians themselves. Excuse me for the assertion, but it is susceptible of proof without contradiction; the worship <of t> and acts of the Christian world prove it. It is true, these heathens <w>h will worship, as god, the sea, the waves, the sun, moon, a volcanoe or the winds &c; what more of idolatry <it>
or heathenism is there in this, <than in> than in doing reverence to the image of a man nailed to a cross, or <in> to an image of a young woman made of brass or stone, and called the virgin Mary, and offering prayers to her, as is done by the believers in the Catholic Church -- the mother of all Christendom? I leave it to any person to say whether one is more absurd than another. Now I excuse them all, for I know their <sentiments> design is to represent something they believe in beyond these figures, although we protestants do not acknowledge it; but this is the fact. They <not> worship these molten images only as symbols of Him who reigns & rules, and controls the destinies of the inhabitants of the earth. But they are not infidel with regard to the God of Heaven, neither are our Indians here. They have their sacrifices and forms of worship, and before going to war they go through all their forms and ceremonies with all the sincerity that any priest ever on the face of the earth ever officiated for his people. They are infidels to many things that we believe in, and we are infidel to many things they believe in, and this is through a lack of understanding <on> on their part, or ours, or both. We think we are right, and we have a pretty good reason to think so, from the Simple fact that we know it. In reference to the natives of these Islands <I will say> and to the natives of this Continent, you will see them come up by and by and receive the truth. And our <you will see our> friends and brethren of the tribe of Judah, who have persecuted and slain the just, and who consented to the death of Jesus, will come up by and by and receive all the blessings of the holy gospel. They cannot do it now, neither can the Lamanites nor the Sandwich Islanders. They must have their day of trial, and we will do for them all we can.
There are some difficulties with regard to our last missionaries, that
Brother Joseph F. spoke of. I will here relate one saying of <Joseph> the prophet Joseph, that is whenever you start to do a thing whether it be traveling & preaching or any other labor mind and go in at the little
end of the horn; go small. The Lord has commenced this work very small, down in the dust, as it were. Mormonism, comparatively, has entered at the little end of the horn; and now if it keeps straight forward it must come out at the big end. Now, our brethren, who went last on a mission to the Sandwich Islands, went in at the big end of the horn and really supposed that we were going to send them a thousand or ten thousand dollars every month or every three months, They felt, "hurray boys, our friends live in the gold regions and let us branch out and extend our borders, and astonish the natives and the whites too with our pomp and splendor, we have as much money as any of them." If Bro. Lawson and every other man who went on that mission had gone <there> with a <his> valise, containing a shirt and pair of stockings, and leaning upon the Lord Almighty and had proclaimed the gospel to the natives, filled with the power of God, do you not think their hearts would have been opened? Yes, and they would have been ready to have licked the dust for the elders, <or> washed their shirts, given them food, rowed them from island to island, and have done all they ever did do, and more. This is the grand difficulty. Lord bless you.