1874 June 14 Remarks at the Funeral of Alvin Winegar


1874 June 14 Remarks at the Funeral of Alvin Winegar



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Wilford Woodruff
Joan M. Campbell

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Sixteenth Ward
Salt Lake City, June 14, 74.
A Synopsis of Remarks made by Prests. Brigham Young and Geo. A. Smith
(Reported by W. Woodruff)
[Following a talk by Pres. Smith]
Prest. Young remarked that this meeting for the purpose of burying the dead is almost a daily occurance I do not think there is hardly a day passes but what someone is carried to the tomb, and returns back to its mother earth and this is a solemn thought and it creates a feeling of horror in the minds of many people especially to the Christian Nations I think more so than with the heathen. This feeling is manifest more or less with all people of mature years. The saints are not entirely exempt from this. I very seldom speak of this myself yet I often hear the saints express their feelings upon this.

Bro. Wynegar who lies before us today was with us forty years ago. He was faithful as far as I know and has been until the present time and now he lies before us a lump of clay. Where is his life that animated this body? It is gone. But where? We have a knowledge that other people do not posess. Many look upon the provinces of God as very hard when their freinds are taken away. We say we wish they could have lived I think I will take the privelege of expressing my feelings upon the subject of our funerals the <berial of> burial of the body. I see before me a very fine expensive coffin this same man forty years ago helped bury several of his brethren without any coffin or even a board to mark the place of the dead. I will say that I have left my wish in writing concerning the burial of my body when I die. I do not wish any body to shed a tear for me not my family nor any one else. I want my body put in a California Cedar <box coffin to keep my dust in then carry me carefully to my grave on my own land without any pomp or parade. I do think that it is a sin for the Latterday-Saints to be to so much expense as some of them are in the burial of their dead. I heard one Bishop say I do not know of a carriage on Earth too good for me to ride in while I am alive nor to carry me to the grave when I am dead. I should not wonder if when he died <if> he did not have a coffin at all nor anyone to bury him. Yet I will not pretend to predict how it will be. I do not wish as some have expressed it to be carried to the grave in an old lumber wagon but wish to be buried without pomp or display. I will venture to say concerning the death of this brother that his spirit has not left this world but is here on the earth. Do we suppose that the spirits of the dead go to the sun, moon or stars. No! They are here in the presence of God. Let them be any where and they are in his presence. If the spirits <we> of the dead were in this room they could see the face of the Lord if he would permit it but the wicked cannot see as the saints do. It is not given them to enjoy what the saints receive. <Ma> When the spirits of the righteous leave the body they are in Paradise and in happiness. The spirit of Bro. Wynegar in the presence of Bro. Joseph is as tangible to him as <our> we are to each other here in the flesh. And they can communicate to each other as we do here. This was the case with our savior before he ascended to his father when Mary attempted to embrace him. He said "Touch me not. until I go to my father". All the saints are in the world of spirits <an> the same as Jesus is. And can preach to the spirits in prison in prison and do good. Now I will say something that will seem strange to you. <I will not speculate upon the subject but merely say> I am a Spiritualist. We belong to the higher class of spirits.

You go to a battle field where the ground has been strewn with the dead one hundred years after the battle and you will find it occupied with evil spirits as Heber C. Kimball did when he went to England to preach. All these old settled countries are full of evil spirits. For one third part of the hoste of heaven in the great Rebelion were cast down to the Earth and have remained here until this day and they seek to enter in to the Tabernacles of men where ever they can obtain admission and they rule over them and incite them to evil deeds. Some have thought that only one third part of the rebelious were cast out of heaven but all the rebelious were cast out, and that composed one third part of all the spirts who were destined to enhabit this Earth. But these fallen spirits can never inherit a Tabernacle of their own. Hence they seek to get into the Tabernacles of men. And when the wicked die they are in misery and torment by being subject to these evil spirits. Having submitted to them while here in the
flesh but it is right the reverse with the righteous when they die they have power over these evil spirits and can control them. No man here in the flesh can fully understand the reserection not having passed through it. But when the righteous obtain the keys of the reserection then they will understand it but not before. God is the father of our spirits and Tabernacls are prepared for them and God is just as able to raise every particle of our bodies in the reserection as he has been able to prepare Tabernacles for us in the first place. And I say to the saints let us throw of this feeling that we have to cling to the earth and set our affections upon it. and let us be prepared to meet with the righteous in the presence of God. And I pray that God will bless the family who are called to mourn the Loss of their head and that he will bless all the faithful saints. And I bless you in the name of Jesus Christ; Amen