1875 January 10 Message to the Saints of St. George


1875 January 10 Message to the Saints of St. George



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St George, January 10th, 1875.

To the Saints of St George, and adjacent settlements
and to those who have come from the North to assist
on the St. George Temple.

Beloved Saints,

I have greatly desired to meet with you and to speak on subjects pertaining to the work on the St. George Temple, and other matters affecting your welfare; but the condition of my speaking organs is such that I do not think it prudent at present to address large assemblies. Hence I take this method of presenting some of my views to you.
We have been blessed so far this winter with weather very favorable to the prosecution of the work on the Temple, and it is highly gratifying to see this work progressing so rapidly.
It must be evident that the erection of such a massive structure calls into requisition several departments and many workmen, and that to obtain the best results from the labors of these the quarrymen, rock haulers, lime burners, stone cutters and masons and those connected with these departments should continue the diligent application of their energies, so that the walls may be ready to receive the roof before the brethren from the North need return.
The hauling of Temple timbers and lumber from Mount Trumbull has been somewhat retarded by obstacles which it seems have been hard to control. But by increased application it is hoped these will be overcome. I understand that there is some 250,000 feet of timbers and lumber at Mount Trumbull ready to be hauled; this should act as an incentive to increased exertions to get this material to the Temple grounds, that the carpenters may not have any impediment in the diligent prosecution of their part of the work.
Brother George A. Smith and myself intend leaving St. George for Salt Lake City, on or about the l0th of February, purposing among other things to procure material for the roof of the Temple, and nails, glass, putty, white-lead, paints, oil, varnish, brushes and other material needed in the finishing of the building. Also to obtain improved wood working machinery for planing, mortising, tongueing and grooving and for making mouldings, all this to facilitate the execution of the woodwork of the building.
It is our intention also to have a baptismal font brought from the North and have it set in its place, and just as soon as the building can be so far finished as to be safe, to dedicate this font and commence baptizing for the dead at the earliest possible day.
While absent we will attend the April General Conference in Salt Lake City; we purpose then returning to this place to encourage the brethren and give such directions to workmen as may seem to be necessary.
We thank God and the people for the noble response made in the Northern part of the Territory to the call made for assistance to push forward the Temple work in this place. This is an acceptable offering to the Lord. We say to the brethren from the North, regard your time and ability on this Temple building mission as valuable. Apply yourselves in the best possible manner to the work which you have come here to do. Be prudent and economical in the use of provisions and supplies for yourselves and the teams you may have in charge. Guard against becoming uneasy about your home affairs. Due notice and honorable release will be given to you, so that your interests in the North shall not suffer.
To the Saints in St. George and other settlements in the South we say emulate the good works and hearty response of our Northern brethren by freely donating to the Temple from your substance and from your labor. Kindly and hospitably treat those from the North who are engaged on the Temple, by cooking, washing and mending for them, accepting therefor credit on Temple Offering account. We wish you at the present time to do your part in these respects, for as soon as the walls of this Temple are up, we shall lay our plans for the eretion of other Temples in the North and you will be called upon to contribute men and means to aid there; and kindly services rendered now by you will be returned upon you with many blessings.
To all engaged on the Temple, or any department connected therewith, we say be diligent and faithful in the prosecution of your labors. Yours is a high calling and an important duty; you are engaged in building a House to the Name of the Most High, which, He says "my people are always commanded to build unto my Holy Name." Let your spirit and works be such that you may be numbered among the worthy, who, whether from North or South, may be privileged to enter therein and partake of those rich blessings of the Gospel which can only be bestowed in a Holy Temple. The building of such a Temple is one of the greatest missions which can be performed. To go and preach the Gospel and baptize people is but a comparatively small work. But when we engage in erecting a Temple to the Lord, in which to administer the ordinances of the Gospel for and in behalf of our dead who have slept without any of the advantages of that Gospel, it should be considered, as it really is, one of the most important works in which man can engage. Then be encouraged, brethren, and let us pursue our course and erect this Temple as soon as possible.
In reference to the farming interests of St. George and other cotton growing settlements, it must be evident that now is a favorable time for every available day's labor being applied in clearing the fields of weeds and in preparing land and ditches for spring crops. While enough laborers on the Temple are here from the North, farmers and others having land should apply their own labor in the fields and should adopt measures to produce and save as much grain, hay and forage as possible. It is advisable to arrange for producing second crops, so that lands which may thus be used shall not make a growth of weeds which will cost nearly as much to clear off as it would to obtain a remunerative crop from the same land. The circumstances of the past summer's labor, and the present deficiency in grain and forage will, we trust, add to the people's experience and wisdom in future, to make better provision and renewed efforts in the union of their temporal labors agreeably to the Order which God has given for their benefit and blessing.
Brethren, with regard to the United Order, you are my witnesses that we did not ask for your gold, nor silver, nor houses, nor lands, goods nor chattels, nor anything else of property kind; but we asked for you, your time, your talents, and all the ability that God has given to you to enter into the United Order after the pattern of heaven to build up the Zion of God upon this land. I should judge from some things that I have learned concerning those who have dictated in this Holy Order, and some who have entered into it, who have had no particular dictation concerning property of others, that many of them, rulers and people, have not apprehended the Order that the Lord wishes to establish in the midst of His Saints. We should advise you to continue in this good work as far as you can see and understand. Seek unto the Lord to know his mind and will concerning yourselves and the duties devolving upon you until you can know and understand His will for yourselves; then you will enter into it with your whole hearts.
There is no failure in this Order, no more than there is in the Kingdom of God that our Heavenly Father has many times sought to establish on this earth. The failure is in man, but no failure in God, or His Holy principles.
Seek for men to be your leaders in this Heavenly Order that do know and understand business, so that they will know how to dictate.
You may not understand one fact that is before our eyes: that this Temple in St George is being built upon the principle of the United Order; and when we cease our selfishness, and our shole interest is for the building up of the Kingdom of God on the earth, we can then build Temples and do anything that we want to, with united voice and hands.
In conclusion: beloved Saints, we invoke the blessings of Israel's God to rest upon you, and upon all Israel engaged in the building up of His Zion on the earth.
And remain
Your brother in the Gospel,
Brigham Young.

P. S.
In writing to Kanab the following advice was given, and is here re-
peated for the guidance of other organizations:--
"Let the people of the settlement, when assembled for selecting the Board of Directors for the United Order, act perfectly free, make known their feelings to each other, and when they have made their selection of the brethren, let all controversy and differences of opinion be hushed to sleep; and if there are different opinions and views respecting their work and the management thereof and (they) cannot agree let them make their separate organizations, so that we may see as many as two families, perhaps three, five, or ten or more, that can work together in peace, love and union; each one performing his or her duties in the spirit of the Holy Gospel."

( Brigham Young
Signed (
( George A. Smith