1840 October 6 Manchester Conference Remarks


1840 October 6 Manchester Conference Remarks



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DATE: 06 October 1840
Manchester, England

SOURCE: Addresses/BY
HC 4:215, 217; MS 1:166

Elder Young spoke on the subject of conferences, and also with respect of restricting ordination; and after taking into consideration the great expense attendant upon holding general conferences, and the inconvenience experienced by members attending them, suggested, that for the future, general conferences should in a great measure be done away with, or restricted to the Traveling High Council to hold conferences at such places and times as they may think proper.

Elder Young then addressed the meeting on the propriety of establishing a fund for the support and clothing of such members as may from time to time be called out to labor in the vineyard, and whose circumstances may require that their necessities may be administered unto.