1843 April 6 Remarks to W. W. Phelps


1843 April 6 Remarks to W. W. Phelps



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DATE: 06 April 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois

SOURCE: Addresses/BY
HC 5:331-332

Elder W. W. Phelps proposed that the Twelve sign triplicate receipts for moneys received, for the benefit of the parties concerned.
Elder Brigham Young objected, and said he should never give receipts for cash, except such as he put into his own pocket for his own use; for it was calculated to make trouble hereafter, and there were better methods of transacting the business and more safe for the parties concerned; that he wished this speculation to stop, and would do all in his power to put it down: to which the Twelve responded, Amen. Elder Young asked if any one knew anything against any one of the Twelve--any dishonesty. If they did, he wanted it exposed. He said he knew of one who was not dishonest. He also referred to muzzling the ox that treadeth the corn, etc.