1844 August 7 Council Remarks


1844 August 7 Council Remarks



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DATE: 07 August 1844
Nauvoo, Illinois

SOURCE: Addresses/BY
Wilford Woodruff Journal, Mss.

[. . . in the afternoon, we met in council at the Seventies Hall, viz. the Twelve, High Council, High Priests &c. And we heard Sidney Rigdon tell his story and message which he had to us and the Church. A long story it was, a kind of second class vision. He said he was appointed to come and offer himself to lead the Church, and many things was said.]
He was followed by Br. Brigham Young and he showed that there could not be any one before the Twelve. A conference was appointed for the whole Church to come together on Tuesday next at 10 o'clock.
DATE: 07 August 184
Nauvoo, Illinois

SOURCE: Addresses/BY
HC 7:230

pm (SR,BY)
I do not care who leads the church, even though it were Ann Lee; but one thing I must know, and that is what God says about it. I have the keys and the means of obtaining the mind of God on the subject.
I know there are those in our midst who will seek the lives of the Twelve as they did the lives of Joseph and Hyrum. We shall ordain others and give the fulness of the priesthood, so that if we are killed the fulness of the priesthood may remain.
Joseph conferred upon our heads all the keys and powers belonging to the Apostleship which he himself held before he was taken away, and no man or set of men can get between Joseph and the Twelve in this world or in the world to come.
How often has Joseph said to the Twelve, "I have laid the foundation and you must build thereon, for upon your shoulders the kingdom rests."
The Twelve, as a quorum, will not be permitted to tarry here long; they will go abroad and bear off the kingdom to the nations of the earth, and baptize the people faster than mobs can kill them off. I would like, were it my privilege, to take my valise and travel and preach till we had a people gathered who would be true.
My private feelings would be to let the affairs of men and women alone, only go and preach and baptize them into the kingdom of God; yet, whatever duty God places upon me, in his strength I intend to fulfill it.
I want to see this people, with the various quorums of the priesthood, assembled together in special conference on Tuesday [Thursday] next at 10 a.m.