1844 October 8 Afternoon Address


1844 October 8 Afternoon Address



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President Brigham Young then said that the elders, young men who are capable of preaching, will be ordained; "but do not be anxious. You must now magnify your calling. Elders who go to borrowing horses or money, and running away with it, will be cut off from the church without any ceremony. They will not have as much lenity as heretofore. The seventies will have to be subject to their presidents and council. We do not want any man to go to preaching until he is sent. If an elder wants to go preaching let him go into the seventies. You are all apostles to the nations to carry the gospel; and when we send you to build up the kingdom, we will give you the keys, and power and authority. If the people will let us alone we will convert the world, and if they persecute us we will do it the quicker. I would exhort all who go from this place to do right and be an honor to the cause. Inasmuch as you will go forth and do right you shall have more of the spirit than you have heretofore. We have had a good conference; we have had beautiful weather and no accidents; and if you will go and do honor to the Lord for this, say amen;" and all the people said amen.