1844 December 26 Dedication of the Seventies Hall


1844 December 26 Dedication of the Seventies Hall



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DATE: 26 December 1844
Nauvoo, Illinois

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HC 7:332-333; T&S 6:794-795

Dedication of the Seventies Hall: The dedication prayer by President Brigham Young was in substance as follows:
Thou God who dwellest in the midst of thine own kingdoms, and doeth thy pleasure in the midst of the same. We realize that we are thy children, although we have long wandered from thee. Yet we feel that it is thy good pleasure to bless us, when we come unto thee with hearts of humility. Therefore we desire to present ourselves before thee as dutiful children to an earthly parent, knowing that we are thine and ask thee for those things we need. We feel, our Father, that we are in a world of darkness, and trouble, and death, where we cannot behold thy glory; yet we come unto thee in the name of Jesus Christ, thy Son, and ask thee to forgive our sins and past offenses. Fill us with thy Spirit, and accept our praise, while we dedicate ourselves unto thee, and as we have approximated to behold this beautiful morning, the day in which begins a new year, do thou, our heavenly Father, look down in compassion upon us, the creatures of thy care and protection, who dwell upon thy footstool. Increase our knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, that we, thy servants, may be enabled to administer salvation to thy people, even as thou hast committed a dispensation of the same unto us; and while we call on thy name we desire union in thy presence, our Father, to dedicate unto thee this hall, the ground upon which it stands, and all things that appertain unto it. We ask thee to let thy blessing rest upon thy servant Edward Hunter, our beloved brother, who has donated to us the ground upon which this sacred edifice has been erected. We pray thee to enrich him and his family, not only with the good things of this world, but with the riches of eternity also. We ask thee, our Father, to accept the dedication of our hearts this morning, and may we feel the prelude of that power and authority with which thy servants shall be clothed, when they shall go forth and open the door of salvation to the nations and kingdoms of the earth; even thy servants, the seventies, upon whom the burden of thy kingdom does rest, and to whom the keys of the same shall be committed from time to time. We now dedicate this hall unto thee, our Father, and ask thee in the name of thy Son Jesus Christ, to sanctify it and make it holy, and may no foul spirit be suffered to enter it, but may it be filled with thy Spirit that it may be called the gate of heaven, and may all who enter within its doors be made to feel thy love and power. We ask thee to pour out thy Spirit upon the Presidency of the Seventies; wilt thou endow them with knowledge and understanding that they may be enabled to instruct thy servants over whom they are called to preside; and do thou let the same blessings flow freely upon each quorum, that all thy servants may be filled with thy Spirit, and become mighty men before thee that they may go forth and gather the pure in heart, Zion redeemed and Jerusalem rebuilt. Help us 0 Lord to separate ourselves from all iniquity, that evildoers may not exist in our midst, but may this people become a holy people, peculiar to thyself, to show forth thy praise in all the world. Our Father in heaven, we humbly beseech thee to shield and protect us in this city; provide for and sustain us by thy power, that we may be enabled to accomplish the work which thou hast commanded us to do. Assist us to build the Temple and Nauvoo House; that the truth and light of the everlasting gospel may shine forth from this place, to the honor, praise and glory of thy name. Regard in mercy the Quorum of the Twelve, at whom the arrows of the destroyer are directed. Preserve them 0 Lord, by thine own omnipotent power, that they may stand in holy places and be enabled to disseminate the knowledge of thy kingdom to the inhabitants of the earth; wilt thou sustain us, our Father, that we may perform and accomplish the mighty work whereunto we are called.
We feel to lament and mourn the loss of our beloved brothers, Joseph and Hyrum, the Prophet and Patriarch, whom thou hast suffered to be martyred for the testimony of the truth; but we thank thee our Father, that although they have been taken from us for. the present, yet that same spirit which animated their bosoms, the fruits o. which is peace and charity, still remains amongst thy people. We now commit ourselves into thy care, and ask thee to guide and control us by the council of heaven, through all the shifting and various scenes of mortality, that the numbers of our days may be filled up in usefulness, and we be prepared for that exalted station and rest that remains for the people of God, and the honor, praise, and glory of our salvation, we will ascribe unto thee; for thine is the kingdom, power and glory, worlds without end: Amen.