1845 January 5 Address in Nauvoo


1845 January 5 Address in Nauvoo



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I went to the stand and addressed the saints on the necessity of having more order and putting down iniquity, and exhorted the brethren to rise up en masse, and put down the thieving, swearing, gambling, bogus-making, retailing spirituous liquors, bad houses, and all abominations practiced in our midst by our enemies, who, after they could not live among us any longer would go out to the world and publish that these things were practiced by us. I severely rebuked the civil authorities of the city for their want of energy in the discharge of their duty, and censured parents and guardians for not keeping their children from prowling round the streets at night; and remarked that if we did not as a people uproot such things, they would uproot us, and we would have to leave before we had done the things the Lord had commanded us to do.