1858 September 15 Certification of George Q. Cannon


1858 September 15 Certification of George Q. Cannon


A Certification that George Cannon now presides over the Church in the Eastern States.




Brigham Young
Heber C. Kimball
Daniel H. Wells


To Whom it May Concern


1858 September 15


Great Salt Lake City



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President's Office
Great Salt Lake City Sept. 15/58

To all to whom it may concern.

This is to certify that we have appointed <Elder> George Q. Cannon to preside over the Churches in the Eastern States, to receive all tithing and donations, superintend the emigration, so far as it does not conflict with the appointments from the Liverpool Office, and, in short, transact all business connected with that mission.

We recommend him to the confidence of all the Saints and it is our wish that they render him all the assistance in their Power to carry out the important mission to which he has been set apart.

We pray the Lord of hosts to bless him with wisdom, intelligence, and power, to faithfully perform the duties devolving upon him, and to bless all who assist him.

First Presidency of  the Church of Jesus Christ of L. D. S.

Brigham Young 
Heber C. Kimball 
Daniel H Wells 

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