1858 September 24 Letter to Peter Maughn


1858 September 24 Letter to Peter Maughn


Brigham counsels those wishing to return to Cache Valley to do so in large numbers and prepared to sustain themselves.




Brigham Young


Peter Maughn


1858 September 24


Great Salt Lake City

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Great Salt Lake City Sept 24th 1858

Bishop Peter Maughn

Dear Brother:--
I was called upon by Brother Gunnel this evening to know if it is deemed wisdom, for you and the brethren of Cache Valley to return to that place. I think that it is quite as safe as at any former time, and if there are thirty or forty men who wish to go and will build and live in a good substantial fort, and never leave it with less than twelve or fifteen men in or close about it, so as to be perfectly safe for families, then I am willing you should return otherwise I am not. You are aware Brother Maughn that you at that place are perfectly cut off from any assistance from any of our settlements during the winter. You will therefore have to rely entirely upon your own resources and should go strong enough and perfectly prepared to sustain yourselves, and should moreover be very careful in travelling about in cold weather. You must also be very cautious about the hostile Indians from the North.

Brother Gunnel represents that all the brethren of that settlement, and some others are anxious to go. I presume therefore that you will have no difficulty in finding enough to make it safe but if there should not be plenty of men who wish to go it will be best to postpone your return for awhile longer.

I remain as ever your brother
in the Gospel of Christ

Brigham Young