1858 September 28 Letter to Samuel Whoolley


1858 September 28 Letter to Samuel Whoolley


A request for pails and a counsel on how to make them good quality.




Brigham Young


Samuel Whoolley


1858 September 28


Great Salt Lake City

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President's Office,
Great Salt Lake City
Sep 28th. 1858.

Elder Samuel Woolley,
Dear Brother:--
We have concluded as you will learn by Brother Davis to bring the machine shop back to this City. We send you the enclosed bill of goods and supplies. We think the tacks will do if nealed We received your pails per Bro. Davis; we prefer the white pine, and would suggest a few alterations. We think that for this dry country the flare should be less, they now flare about 2 1/8 inches, one inch is enough and they should all have three hoops. I would leave them the same size at the bottom and make them less at the top, the wood on the bale should be longer and a little larger; more pains should be taken in bending the bales. If necessary have Brother Davis alter your patterns, or machinery before he leaves. He will furnish you with such turning tools, steel iron and such other articles as he may have and you need.

Be careful and not use any timber which is not well seasoned you must take pains in putting on the ears else the tacks will split out and they will soon get loose; the hole under the ear is larger than it need be, especially for such small ears, one that you sent up got loose without ever being used at all. We wish you to take pains and make good pails, neat, nice, and smooth, as well as substantial, that will be a credit to you and the factory. We think then that they will take the custom of the country. The pails for this market had better be sent here without painting, as we can paint them here better than you can.

The pail factory we consider had better remain at Parowan on account of the superiority of the lumber at that place.

Your brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young