1858 September 27 Letter to Joseph Horne


1858 September 27 Letter to Joseph Horne


A team is sent to assist Horne to secure his crops and return home.




Brigham Young


Joseph Horne


1858 September 27


Great Salt Lake City



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Presidents Office
Great Salt Lake City. Sept. 27. 1858.

Elder Joseph Horne.

Dear Brother:
We send down Bro Daniel Johnson with a 4 mule Team. Bro Feramorz Little sends a man and a team also, to aid and assist you in gathering the crop and returning home, if you can load our team and send it back before you come you may do so. We expect you all to return so soon as you have completely secure your crops, bringing your Cotton and Molasses if you have any, with you. Be particular to save the seed of the Cotton and Sugar cane.

We sent you Fifty Dollars to settle up for those goods you mentioned, Bro Peart said he thought it amounted to about that sum.

If you undertake to bring Molasses be sure to get good tight casks, they had better be of small size, say Ten gallons.

All is right, May God bless you.

I remain as ever Your Brother in the
Gospel of Christ.

Brigham Young