1858 September 28 Letter to William Felshaw


1858 September 28 Letter to William Felshaw


Permission is granted to keep the mules belonging to the Perpetual Emigration Fund.




Brigham Young


William Felshaw


1858 September 28


Great Salt Lake City


Perpetual Emigration Fund

Item sets

Great Salt Lake City
Sept 28th/ 58

Elder Wm. Felshaw

Dear Brother.-- Your note respecting the Mules is received and I have only to say that you are at liberty to keep them at present. They belong, with the exception of the twenty five dollars. which you mentioned, to the P. E. Fund Company.

I wish you to keep them safe and in good order, and not sell them or trade them off.

I am glad to learn of your good health and safe arrival home. All is well and we feel that the Lord is at the helm & securely and successfully guiding the ship.

May the Lord bless and prosper you and help Israel to triumph over all their foes.

I remain as ever Your Brother in the gospel of Christ

Brigham Young