1845 December 28 Temple Instructions


1845 December 28 Temple Instructions



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Pres. B. Young then arose and said that inasmuch as this congregation that are present are those that have received their endowments, and only a small part of them, therefore I will give some general instructions while the bread and wine are preparing. The ordinances that you have received in the garden together with the performances of those things that has been presented are to represent the creation of the world. The name that was given to Adam was more ancient than he was. The name Adam was given him because he was the first man, but his new name pertained to the Holy Priesthood and, as I before stated, is more ancient than he was. There are 4 penal signs and 4 penal tokens and should I want to address the throne to enquire after ancient things which transpired on planets that rolled away before this planet came into existence I should use my new name which is ancient and referred to ancient things. Should I wish to enquire for present things I should use my own name which refers to present things. And should I want to enquire for future things I would use the 3rd name which refers to the first token of the Melchizedek Priesthood or is the 3rd token that is given and refers to the Son. The 2nd token of the Melchizedek Priesthood is to be given only in one place and nowhere else, but these signs and tokens that pertain to the Priesthood should never be given anywhere only in such places as belong to the P. H. and that too by none but such as belong to the order of the Priesthood. But there are not 6 persons that have gone through these ordinances that can offer them correctly, and some has had the presumption to approach this veil, which is the most sacred ordinances that is performed in this house, and have marked the garments wrong. And levity has been used here which was not pleasing in the sight of the Lord, therefore I have shut down the gate, and came to the conclusion that when we commence again we would make a selection of such persons as are worthy and will give them their endowments first, and when they get their endowments then the remainder may get their endowment. I don't know but what I shall displease some of you, but I don't care if I do. There are about 2,00 persons that are dressed today and unless I lay an embargo on the brethren we will not find garments enough to take the company through tomorrow without changing them from one to another. The Seventies have had about 18 garments made and this morning there were not more than 5 or 6 to be found. Some have taken garments and carried them off. I call such conduct stealing and it must be stopped. Brethren, cease from all lightmindedness and be careful and not take the name of the Lord in vain. Cease from all evil speaking and backbiting, unless your endowments prove a curse to them, which will certainly bring in condemnation upon all who do not observe the nature of their obligations. Lay aside all party strife such as the Seventies and the H P striving to excel each other in power, this ought to be. I intend to put a stop to all such feelings. The H. P. commenced it in Kirtland; the Seventies commenced it in Quincey and to let it go we shall soon be split up and divided into parties. Let the saints be united that the voice of all be as the voice of one man. Again the tithing of the brethren are not so promptly attended to since the endowment commenced as it should be. We are now about out of wood and oil. I want about 1,000 cords of wood cut and hauled this week. Let every man that can lift up an axe go tomorrow and continue until that amount is procured. I again motion that each Qm. furnish the light and oils for themselves to all the above named propositions. Entire assent was manifested by the multitude.
Pres. Young came into the room at 1/4 before 12. m.--
He said he supposed those present were a part of those who have received their endowment, that they were those who desired to be wise and do honor to the cause they have espoused, and bring no reproach upon the character of him who has given us of the things of his kingdom liberally. The keys or signs of the Priesthood are for the purpose of impressing on the mind the order of the creation--In the first place the name of the man is given, a new name, Adam, signifying the first man, or Eve, the first woman--Adam's name was more ancient than he was--It was the name of a man long before him, who enjoyed the priesthood. The new name should be after some ancient man--Thus with your ancient name, your modern name, and the name that was last given you, you enquire concerning things past present and future--.
After his fall, another name was given to Adam, and being full of integrity, and not disposed to follow the woman nor listen to her was permitted to receive the tokens of the priesthood.
I wish you to cease talking about what you see and hear in this place. No man or woman has a right to mention a word of the appearance of this building in the least, nor to give the signs & tokens except when assembled together, according to the order of the Priesthood, which is in an upper room. There are not a dozen persons that can give the signs & token correct--& the reason is that person would run to that vail, one of the most sacred places on the face of the earth, that had not understood the right manner of giving the signs & tokens.
The order and ordinances passed through here prove the principles taught in the Bible--First men should love their God supremely. Woman will never get back, unless she follows the man back--if the man had followed the woman he would have followed her down until this time--light, liberty & happiness will never shine upon men until they learn these principles--The man must love his God & the woman must love her husband--the love which David & Johnathan had for each other was the love of the priesthood.
God is a personage of tabernacle--the Son is a personage of tabernacle. The Spirit or Holy Ghost is also a personage, but not a personage of tabernacle, but is a personage of Spirit--God dwells in eternal burnings, puts his hand through the vail & writes on the wall--Any person that goes through these ordinances, unless they cleanse their hearts & sanctify themselves, & sanctify the Lord, it will burn them--When we begin again I shall select those that are worthy--We shall not be able to have another public meeting here on account of the weight on the floor, it has already caused the walls to crack--prevents the doors from shutting and will injure the roofs. I see here 200 persons, all clothed in their garments, and tomorrow I suppose we cannot find half enough to work with, unless we lay an embargo on your garments, and forbid any of you carrying away your garments. When we began we could dress a company of 30, now we cannot dress 18. For my right arm I would not say that every body is honest, for I do not believe they are.--