1846 January 1 Remarks in the Nauvoo Temple


1846 January 1 Remarks in the Nauvoo Temple



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Heber C. Kimball Journal

After dancing a few figures, Pres. Young called the attention of the whole company, and then gave them a message of this import, viz:
That this temple was a holy place, and that when we danced we danced unto the Lord, and that no person would be allowed to come on to this floor, and afterwards mingle with the wicked. He said the wicked have no right to dance, that dancing and music belonged to the Saints--and he strongly impressed upon the mind of those present the impropriety of mingling again with the wicked after having come in here, and taken upon them the covenants which they had-He spoke pointedly to his daughter Vilate and told her that if she should do so after this, she might expect to meet the frowns of a father who held the keys of the Priesthood--.
SOURCE: Seventies Record Book B, pp. 177

The President [Brigham Young] called the house to order & said that he had a message to this gathering which mostly were young, in the bloom of youth, & when I have declared my message then I shall have done what the Lord has commanded us to do--verily thus saith the voice of the Spirit to you--this is mine holy House which I have caused to be built in my holy name. Therefore let no person go forth in the dance unless they will covenant to separate themselves from the world & never again mingle in their society nor participate in their mirth or amusements from this time forth & for ever. I have said children here [sic] & should they transcend these bounds they may expect to meet the frowns of an affectionate Father that holds the Keys of the Priesthood. Mirth & recreation belongs to the people of God. It does not belong to the unbelievers & they participate in them they usurp that privilege or prerogative that belongs to the saints alone. Now dance & enjoy yourselves but first learn to reverence & advance the Name of the most high in all your devotions & recreation.