1846 January 2 Remarks in the Nauvoo Temple


1846 January 2 Remarks in the Nauvoo Temple



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Heber C. Kimball Journal

No one seemed disposed to use the opportunity, whereupon the Pres. arose and made a short address to those present, himself--some of the topics which he spoke upon are as follows:
He alluded to the privilege which we now have of meeting in this house and said that we could worship God in the dance, as well as in other ways. He alluded to the ordinances of the endowment, and said they must always be attended to in an upper room, when we see a temple built right, there will be places for the Priests to enter and put on their robes, and offer up sacrifices, first for themselves, and then for the people.
The way for us to grow & thrive is for us to serve the Lord in all we do.-and as we have called upon the different quorums to meet together once a day, so it will eventually be with the whole church. There will be houses for them to meet in.--Remember the covenant that we have entered into. No man is to be filled with lightness,--no brother or sister will be allowed to speak evil of his brother or sister--or speak against them--It is the duty of the quorums to meet together, we cannot enjoy it but a short time.--
No person is at liberty to reveal anything that takes place here to any mortal upon the face of the earth, unless they know that person to be a good one, and one that the Lord is well pleased with. We have not the privilege of telling what we have seen here to night, but we will praise the Lord as we please.
Now as to dancing in this house--There are thousands of brethren and sisters that have labored hard to build these walls and put on this roof, and they are shut out from any opportunity of enjoying any amusement among the wicked-or in the world--and shall they have any recreation? Yes! Where? Why in the Temple of the Lord. That is the very place where they can have liberty--and we will enjoy it this winter and then leave it. And we will go to a land where there are at last no old settlers to quarrel with us--where we can say that we have killed the snakes & made the roads. And we will leave this wicked nation, to themselves, for they have rejected the gospel, and I hope and pray that the wicked will kill one another & save us the trouble of doing it.
We cannot have another public meeting in this room,.for if we do our roof is ruined.
But this church have obtained already all they have labored for in building this temple, but before we leave here, (I feel it in my bones.) there will be thousands and thousands of men that can go into any part of the world and build up the kingdom, and build temples. If any want to faint, let them faint--If there are any that don't want to go with us don't urge them.
The U.S. Government says if we let the Mormons go out from this nation they will give us trouble--well perhaps their fears will come upon them--Where is there a city of refuge, on the face of the earth but this. They have tried to break us up. But with all their offices, all their troops, & all their force, we are here yet. They have got writs out for me, but they have not got me yet, and when they do get me they will get something else, I assure you.
From Polk, down to the nastiest Bogus maker or whiskey seller, it was resolved to break up the mormons this fall. And if I had hearkened to Col. Backenstos we should have been broken up, and all put out of the way--But when he received correct instruction he acted right, and the plan & trap which our enemies laid for us, worked so that it gave us the advantage over them, and when he went according to counsel he came off victorious every time.
And we are hunted and persecuted, & our enemies try to.-trouble us every way.--And now brethren will it hurt your feelings any if we dance a little. We need a little recreation--My mind is continually upon the stretch, because I know that this church must be saved. The gospel must be preached to all the world, & Temples must be built, and then add.to this all minor matters--I tell you, no man knows nor can know, the burden & responsibility that rests upon my mind, unless he experiences it. One thing I will do, I will do my utmost to break down every thing that divides--I will not have divisions & contention.
I mean that there shall not be a fiddle in this church but what has holiness to the Lord upon it--nor a flute; nor a trumpet, nor any other instrument of music--and if they will not make music exclusively for the Lord's house, they shall not play at all.
If Joseph Smith had lived we should not have been here at this time, we should have been in some other country. We can't stay in this house but a little while. We have got to build another house, it will be a larger house than this, and a more glorious one. And we shall build a great many houses, we shall come back here and we shall go to Kirtland, and build houses all over the continent of N. America.
Last night we had some of our young folks here--some of our children, and they all covenanted that they would no more mingle with the wicked.
I addressed the brethren at length, alluding to the privileges we enjoy-of the order of administering endowments, that the way to grow and thrive was to serve the Lord in all we did, exhorted the brethren to remember their covenants and not speak evil of each other, and related some of the efforts made to arrest me and persecute the Saints.| If Joseph Smith had been living, we should have already been in some other country, and we would go where we would be the old settlers, and build larger Temples than this.