1846 January 26 Remarks in the Nauvoo Temple


1846 January 26 Remarks in the Nauvoo Temple



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MHBY 18-22

I explained to the brethren the object of appointing Trustees, and informed them that the Trustees would act in concert with Bishops Whitney and Miller while they remained here; and that when the Twelve left the Bishops would accompany them, and that the Trustees now appointed would carry on the finishing of the Temple and the Nauvoo House, also dispose of our property, fit out the Saints and send them Westward. It is wisdom to take this course that we may have efficient men to act for and in behalf of the Church and people. I want Bishop Whitney and Miller here while we are here, and when we go, they will go with us.
We intend to start a Company of young men and some few families, perhaps within a few weeks. This company will travel until they can find a good location beyond the settlements, and there stop and put in a summer crop, that we may have something to subsist upon, and a portion of us remain there until we can make further discoveries.
We are forced to this policy by those who are in authority. I find no fault with the Constitution or laws of our Country, they are good enough. It is the abuse of those laws which I despise, and which God, good men and angels abhor.
I hope we will find a place, where no self-righteous neighbors can say that we are obnoxious to them; I exhort you brethren not to be self-important. We have covenanted to remove the poor, that are worthy, and this we intend to do, God being our helper.
Let us walk humbly before the Lord, be upright and sustain yourselves, and realize that we are engaged in a great and important movement. If any want to stay let them do it in peace, and should any want to go with us that are not members of the Church bid them welcome; for I look upon every man that is a true republican as bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh; and if any wish to follow Sidney Rigdon or J. J. Strang I say let them go; we will cut them off from the Church, and let them take their own course for salvation.
I know where the power of the priesthood lies, and I know that the enemy of all righteousness seeks our downfall, but God is our preserver.
A set of Bogus makers who recently commenced operations in this city and who are determined to counterfeit coin here by wagon loads and make it pass upon the community as land office money, are determined to be avenged upon us, because we would not permit them to pursue their wicked business in Nauvoo, they have scattered through the country circulating their bogus money and spreading lies and every species of falsehood, saying, that we are engaged in bogus making in order thereby to conceal their crimes, and screen themselves from observation and punishment, and at the same time be avenged upon us for not consenting to the establishment of the bogus mints at Nauvoo.
Nevertheless, we may have to suffer repeated wrongs in consequence of those falsehoods that are and which will be circulated about us; but my faith is that God will rule the elements, and the Prince and power of the air will be stayed, and the Lord will fight our battles, as in the days of Moses; and we will see the deliverance brought to pass. Although, there may be blood shed frequently, still this must needs be that the Scriptures may be fulfilled.
It is but a small matter for us to lay down our lives if we are prepared for the change; when we take our exit from this world we go into the Society of disembodied spirits, and there become one of those who await the resurrection of the body; if humility and faithfulness has characterized our lives, our condition will be much better than the present.
This nation is fearful that we will turn the world upside down and accomplish wonderful things in the land; our Elders have confounded the wise men in the nation, if they have not converted them. The nation are afraid that we will convert the savages of the forest; we will teach them and all with whom we may have intercourse, and further we will yet bring salvation to this nation if they will cease their hostilities against us, and repent of their sins. The Lord has said he would fight our battles, and if this nation still continue to be actuated towards us with a persecuting spirit, vengeance shall come from the Lord upon them, until they shall be utterly wasted; but I intend to preach and do all the good that I can.
When the time comes to start Westward we will continue to gather, until Israel are gathered; let there be no feelings about who shall go first; those who go first will lay a foundation for those who shall come after, and none will be neglected in their time.
I have one request to make of all the Saints that expect to emigrate with us, that they be subject to their leaders, with their property and means, and if this is done I can say there never will be a lack in the Church. If any man can say that he has been wronged out of his money by the Bishops, let him speak and it shall be restored to him again; but I am aware it is not so. Keep your money in circulation and it will enable you to do good and you will be blessed in so doing; retain your money when the poor around you are crying for bread, and it will prove a curse to you. Be honorable in all your dealings; prompt and punctual to pay all your debts and restore confidence, let promptness and punctuality be the standard with you and the God of peace will pour out blessings upon you that there shall not be room enough to receive them.
We intend to finish the Temple and the Nauvoo House as far as putting on the roof and putting in the windows are concerned, and we shall drop all political operations and Church government and by so doing we may preserve our public buildings from the torch. I propose that all the Saints lay down their property to be used in building the Temple, the Nauvoo House and helping the poor away, such as must go in the first company.