1846 February 18 Remarks in Sugar Creek, Iowa


1846 February 18 Remarks in Sugar Creek, Iowa



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MHBY 40-42

I called the brethren together and instructed the Captains of hundreds to raise money in their respective companies, and send for cloth for tent ends and wagon covers; and informed the Pioneer Company, that it would be their duty to prepare roads, look out for campgrounds, dig wells, when necessary and ascertain where hay and corn could be purchased for the camp; that if the brethren could not bring their minds to perfect order, they had better leave the Camp and I would have no feelings against them; that after dark no man must leave the camp without the countersign, nor approach the guard abruptly; that every family must call on the Lord night and morning at every tent or wagon, and we shall have no confidence in the man who does not; that the police would be night and day guard; that every captain of ten would keep one man on watch every night; that Benjamin F. Johnson be authorized to receive and preserve for the owners all the lost property found; and that when I wanted to see the brethren together, a white flag should be hoisted, and that when the captains are wanted together a blue or colored flag should be raised; the captains of hundreds were instructed to form their companies in circles, without the circle surrounding the stand; Captain Hosea Stout formed the police; Captain Stephen Markham the Pioneers.
. . .
I told the brethren they were the best set of fellows in the world, still there was a great chance for improvement. I blessed them in the name of the Lord.