1846 March 3 Directions in Lick Creek, Iowa


1846 March 3 Directions in Lick Creek, Iowa



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About 9 [am] the Camp came together. I [Brigham Young] told them that I wanted the Pioneers to go ahead and prepare the roads by cutting and trimming trees and filling up bad places, etc., and the Guard to carry axes instead of guns and help the teams; that it is not for the Guard or Pioneers to order the Teamsters--that I did not want a man along who was not willing to help in every place, the guard have to watch but we will help them for men cannot work night and day. We want every man to quit this Camp who cannot quit swearing. You had better go now, if you do not the law will be put in force by and bye. I felt insulted yesterday by one of P. P. Pratt's teamsters, Wm. Pratt, who would not let me pass, but hindered me unnecessarily. Men must not crowd upon each other, ox teams must give the road and let horse teams pass, when we get properly organized no two teams must come within two or more rods of each other.
The Camp voted that I should be their leader till they all get together. I directed the Pioneers to go ahead, the Band to follow, followed by the ox teams and the remainder to go out in order according to their numbers.