1846 April 26 Afternoon Addresses in Garden Grove


1846 April 26 Afternoon Addresses in Garden Grove



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MHBY 140-142

pm (first address)
He that falters or makes a misstep can never regain that which he loses. Some have started with us and have turned back, and perhaps more will, but I hope better things of you my brethren. We have set out to find a land and a resting place, where we can serve the Lord in peace. We will leave some here because they cannot go farther at present. They can stay here for a season and recruit, and by and by pack up and come on, while we go a little farther and lengthen out the cords and build a few more stakes, and continue on until we can gather all the saints, and plant them in a place where we can build the house of the Lord in the tops of the mountains.
But let any person turn from us and go back to Nauvoo or Voree because we have allowanced him and he shall hunger and thirst and shall yet long for the privilege of eating a piece of cold johnny cake with us.
The Lord will bring every man to his covenants even if it must needs be that he serve a probation in hell. No one can get around his covenants, his solemn obligations must be redeemed.
When Zion's Camp went up to Missouri it was considered a great move, but was nothing to compare with this and he that will continue faithful through this campaign shall always rejoice and shall be crowned with laurels of victory.
I know that we can live on much less provisions than we have been accustomed to. I have seen corn and beans scattered around the tents of this camp, such wastefulness is sinful and in the sight of the Lord, and had this people been economical and wise in all their movements there would now be enough provisions.
A young widow who wished to rise in life, hired the servants of a rich widower, and kept them all day counting and recounting a few coppers. Making them covenant to tell their master that she had had them counting money all the time, which caused him to think the widow was rich. Soon after the widower visited and married her, and supplied her with the same means to keep house with as he had his former wife, by economy she saved half her allowance, his table was better furnished and the servants fed better than formerly.
One day being short of means, he asked his wife to lend him some. She gave him one hundred dollars. Soon after she gave him five hundred more. He then asked her how much money she had at their marriage; she replied, "only a few coppers" and then explained the artifice she had used, and told him how she got the money she had lent to him. He was more pleased with her economy than if she had been rich.
We intend to organize this evening so that every man can go to work to plant, build, dig, etc.
I know that if this people will be united and will hearken to counsel. the Lord will give them every desire of their hearts. The earth is the Lord's and the fulness thereof and he intends that the saints shall possess it as soon as they are able to bear prosperity.

pm (second address)
The Spirit of the Lord and keys of the priesthood hold power over all animated beings. When father Adam transgressed the law he did not fall at once from the presence of the Lord but spake face to face with him a long time afterwards. Men continued to sin and degenerate from generation to generation until they had got so far from the Lord that a veil of darkness sprang up between them so that men could no longer speak with the Lord, save it were through a Prophet. During this time the earth and all creation groaned in sin, and enmity increased, and the lives of men and beasts decreased. For this cause the Son of God descended below all things that he might reach every man and that he might return to the Father and hove power over all things.
In this dispensation the keys that were committed to father Adam will be restored, and we are to return into the favor and presence of the Lord. If we cease hostility, with the serpents and lay aside all enmity and treat all animals kindly, being humble and faithful with long suffering and forbearance no man need ever have a horse or a cow bitten by a snake. The serpents would soon become perfectly harmless, so that they could be handled without danger, children could play with them without receiving harm.