1846 April 27 Dream in Garden Grove


1846 April 27 Dream in Garden Grove



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MHBY 145-146

I related a dream I had the night previous which is as follows: I saw myself employed in the service of an aged man, a Lord, Superintending the affairs of his dominions (assisted by the council); I directed some important steps to be taken, which I considered necessary, notwithstanding the Lord had not instructed me to do so. By and by he come to me smiling, his hair was as white as the purest wool. I told him what I had done, and asked him if I had done right. Pausing a moment, he turned to me with a smile on his countenance and said, "You have done well. I intend to buy a large store filled with all kinds of commodities all of which shall, be under your control as you understand the affairs of my government and will do my people good." Whether Bishop Whitney's doubts were removed or not after hearing the dream he voted to sell the Temple.