1846 May 3 Remarks in Garden Grove


1846 May 3 Remarks in Garden Grove



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William Clayton Journal p 27

O. Spencer talked a while and was followed by President Young who exhorted the camp to diligence in getting in crops for that will be our salvation the next winter. He said no company should start from here until the south field was made and some houses built.

MHBY 149-151

I [Brigham Young] also addressed the assembly, referring to the travels of the brethren from place to place, and how they would continue to be led about and wasted away, unless they would be united and feel after each other's cares and bear each other's burdens; and said that there were many who had been benefitted by the teams and provisions of the poor families yet back; we should plant for such, that upon their arrival here they should have something to come to. It were better to sell some beds, silks, dresses or a wagon for provisions to sustain us a few weeks while we are putting in grain, than sacrifice one-half of what we have to support ourselves with next winter. The word of the Lord is, for this people to plant at this place, go ahead and plant again. Joseph Smith said that where the keys of the Kingdom were, there would be the place to gather.
Wherever the Twelve and Council are, there will the keys be, and the place of gathering. When the removal westward was in contemplation at Nauvoo, had the brethren submitted to our counsel and brought their teams and means and authorized me to do as the Spirit and wisdom of the Lord directed with them, then we could have outfitted a company of men that were not encumbered with large families and sent them over the mountains to put in crops and build houses, and the residue could have gathered, beginning with the Priesthood, and the gathering continued from year to year, building and planting at the same time. Were matters so conducted, none would be found crying for bread, or none destitute of clothing, but all would be provided for as designed by the Almighty. But instead of taking this course, the Saints have crowded on us all the while, and have completely tied our hands by importuning and saying do not leave us behind, wherever you go we want to go and be with you, and thus our hands and feet have been bound which has caused our delay to the present time; and now hundreds at Nauvoo are continually praying and importuning with the Lord that they may overtake us, and be with us, and just so it is with the Saints here. They are afraid to let us go on and leave them behind; forgetting that they had covenanted to help the poor away at the sacrifice of all their property.
No one can prosper who thus neglects compliance with this obligation, not only so but I know that the same cause caused Joseph to lose his life, and unless this people are more united in spirit and cease to pray against Counsel, it will bring me down to my grave. I am reduced in flesh so that my coat that would scarcely meet around me last Winter now laps over twelve inches. It is with much ado that I can keep from lying down and sleeping to wait the resurrection.
Come, brethren, will you harken to counsel? If you will, manifest it by raising the right hand. (Every hand was up and every heart responded to the call.)