1858 October 29 Letter to George Q Cannon


1858 October 29 Letter to George Q Cannon


Brigham corrects the false reports circulating in the East and asks that the facts be publicized.




Brigham Young


George Q Cannon


1858 October 29


Great Salt Lake City



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Great Salt Lake City
Oct. 29. 1858.

Elder George Q. Cannon.
Dear Brother

I enclose you a number of the "News" in which you will find a very substantial contradiction of many reports from "Special Correspondents" which have recently found such a general circulation in the East. See that all possible publicity is given to the statements. They will be of double value if it is true, as I have learned, that Mr. Hartnett sent an official report to the department some time since, in which he stated that papers were missing from the Secretary's office. The fact is he is most unfortunate in lacking the ability to perform a single duty of his office and reckless of the fair reputations of this people. The only man among them the least disposed to do [-] us justice is the Governor. He had to fairly threaten before he could extort the statements referred to from the parties. I enclose you a letter to the Colonel which you will hand to him. I trust you will be successful in turning somewhat in our favor the current of public sentiment. As the time of the sitting of Congress draws nearer this will be the more important. In Bro. Stenhouse, I believe you will find an able and worthy co-worker. In my last I gave you all the news of importance. The U. S. Court has not yet had a session nor a case. Mr. Wilson the District Attorney has not yet arrived. We are looking for him every mail. Judge Cradlebaugh is also behind. The expedition to the Humboldt has returned. I presume they have brought about the usual results of such expeditions, xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx and made the indians mad.

Your family continues well. The brethren all wish join me in a kind remembrance to you and the brethren and sisters in your charge including Bro. Stenhouse.

That you may be fully strengthened for the faithful performance of your important duties, is the constant prayer of Your brother in Christ.

Brigham Young