1846 May 10 Sabbath Remarks in Garden Grove


1846 May 10 Sabbath Remarks in Garden Grove



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MHBY 157

Afternoon, Sacrament was administered by Elders Samuel Bent and Aaron Johnson. I said that this was the first Sabbath since we left Nauvoo that we had not been interrupted by rain or storm. I moved than inasmuch as those who are to leave this place and return to Nauvoo for their families have fenced the lots, built the bridges, houses, etc. that they should have the right of possession. I remarked that any person who chose might go and locate by himself, but those who did should not come here to beg. Such would dry up and wither like a dead branch. Those who came to this place from Nauvoo should have equal privileges with those here. Elder Samuel Bent was appointed president at this location