1858 October 29 Letter to John M. Bernhisel


1858 October 29 Letter to John M. Bernhisel


Brigham Young requests that slander be exposed through the press. Salt Lake tries to prevents disturbances by rowdy military followers.




[Brigham Young]


John M. Bernhisel


1858 October 29


Great Salt Lake City

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Great Salt Lake City
October 29. 1858.

Hon John M. Bernhisel

I enclosed you the last number of the "News" which contains substantial contradictions to the statements of numerous "Special Correspondents". I understand Mr. Hartnett since his arrival here has made a report to the department of which his present of which his present statements are flat contradictions. I would be glad to have you take some pains to have the report [---] contradictions made public. A Copies of the "News" have been sent to the <principal> members of the Cabinet and Congress, also I trust you will assist to giving the matter all possible publicity. To the Army suttlers and contractors we are indebted for a whole vagabondish set of city loafers. We have been compelled, for our own safety. to establish a regular strong police force, by means of which we hope to prevent any serious rioting through the winter. A few scheming adventurers returned last night from Provo bench whither they had sallied to locate "Centre" as a rival to Great Salt lake City. The Secretary accompanied them and it is rumored that the Merchants here are committed in the scheme to the tune of about $10.000. Governor Cumming continues to do his duty very manfully. But the gross and entire inability of the other officials is a most insulting memorial of the recklessness of their [-]
Your family is well. Bros. Kimball and Wells and your numerous friends here desire a kind remembrance to you.

Trusting you will be fully strengthened for the labors of the approaching session and find your efforts successful for the welfare of God's people.

I am, as ever Your friend & brother in Christ.