1859 March 22 Letter to William R. Smith


1859 March 22 Letter to William R. Smith




James Ferguson


William R. Smith


1859 March 22


Great Salt Lake City
Centerville, Davis County



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Great Salt Lake City U. T.
Mar. 22. 1859

Bishop Wm. R. Smith

Dear Bro.
I forward you a Memorial which has already received the Signatures of some hundreds of our fellow-citizens. It is not necessary to rehearse the circumstances, so unparalleled and scandalous, on the part of the Judges & Courts of Utah, which have led myself in Connection with my fellow-Citizens to petition for redress and thus remind the Territorial Executive of their duties he owes the citizens of the Territory.

Be kind enough promptly, speedily, and effectually to circulate and obtain to the Memorial the Signatures of such as endorse it's sentiments, through all the wards of Davis County. I send you some paper with the Memorial, ruled for the names. Let the names be put on one side only, and in two columns, as you see it is ruled. I would be glad to have the memorial returned as early as Thursday morning. Give all a chance to sign.

Your bro. & fellow-Citizen

James Ferguson

Davis Co

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