1859 March 28 Letter from Daniel H. Wells


1859 March 28 Letter from Daniel H. Wells


It is difficult to counter the abundant false reports.




Daniel H Wells


[Brigham Young]


1859 March 28


Great Salt Lake City



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Great Salt Lake City, March 28/59.

Bro. Houtz arrived this evening. All is well. It is probable that the Dr. will not return. There is but little use to try to calculate against the thousand and one reports and false testimony which certain parties are so anxious, and use such streneous exertions to induce.

So far from being deceived in relation to those matters which have hitherto transpired, and which are now the subject of court investigation, we have never even been informed in relation thereto neither before nor since, except by common street report. You will have to act according as circumstances develope, Tis true the history of the past as well as the efforts now making admonish us that no stone will be left unturned to trace up and implicate the innocent & feeling not only conscious of the rectitude of our intentions, but <also> of our acts. We are not at the mercy of those bitter foes who would doubtless luxuriate in our downfall whether guilty or innocent. We are as clear as the noon-day sun, not a line or a word can be traced here in truth.

We enclose by express a few copies of the Governor's protest which may however have been anticipated by the Valley Tan, as they were furnished a copy for publication at the same time with the News.

The Governor's instructions were more pointed upon that particular point at issue between him & the other officers, than we were aware of. We trust that their publication will have a good effect. Some who came here have returned. We do not think that many of those who have left their homes have taken refuge in this direction, at least if they have, we do not know it. It cannot last much longer.

Be humble, faithful, discreet & prayerful, and you will safely out ride the storm.

Signed D. H. W.