1859 March 29 Letter to Melissa M. Wallace


1859 March 29 Letter to Melissa M. Wallace


Brigham offers two alternatives to Wallaces current living arrangements.




Brigham Young


Melissa M. Wallace


1859 March 29


Great Salt Lake City



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Presidents Office;
Great Salt Lake City, March 29, 1859.

Sister Melissa M. Wallace:--

In regard to your communication of the 21st inst., I would remark that there are two courses open for you, should you still choose a change of your present position. The first, and in my judgement the best, is for you to be sealed to your first husband, br Wallace acting as proxy for him in the ceremony, which would have been the better plan when you were first married to br. Wallace; and then, if you prefer it, secure a shelter that will be reasonably comfortable for the accommodation of yourself and children, doing what you can for your own and their support, in which br. Wallace promises to assist you as much as he may be able, and not to interrupt you and your children in living by and laboring for yourselves. If this course should not suit you, you are also at liberty to get a bill of divorce from br. Wallace. These two are the best methods for changing your present condition that I am now aware of, and you are at full liberty to take your choice between them, or to remain as you are now situated, just as you may prefer.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young