1859 April 1 Letter to Horace S. Eldredge


1859 April 1 Letter to Horace S. Eldredge


Judge Cradlebaugh holds unlawful court. It is rumored that a detachment of troops may be sent to Iron County.




Brigham Young


Horace S. Eldredge


1859 April 1


Great Salt Lake City
St. Louis



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President's Office
Great Salt Lake City Apl. 1/59

Horace S. Eldredge,
St. Louis,

Dear Brother:--
You were wrote to on the 11th Ult. You will learn very full particulars of the unheard and unlawful proceedings of the would-be-great Judge Cradlebaugh, in Provo; and the settlements of the citizens of this Territory in relation to his high-handed outrages and gross violation of the people's liberties. The Judge's court was at first called the U. S. District court, but it has dwindled down to a committing magistrate's one, and finally merged itself into a court of 'Star Chamber,' and in this new state of existence is now subpoenaing witnesses to appear befor His Honor in Chambers, 'the truth to tell', while the men in custody and their attorneys are kept in the most profound ignorance.

There is some talk that <the> court will adjourn; or rather move, to Lehi on Saturday, but there is no certainty in this. It is tolerably well ascertained that there will be a detachment of troops sent to Iron County, and, perhaps, some stationed at other places along the road.

It is reported that Judge Sinclair will soon return to this city to hold some kind of court, and, no doubt, try his best ability to kick up a fuss with the citizens, that there may be some kind of a pretext to retain the troops here another year. Hitherto all such efforts have most signally failed, and we have no misgiving as to the future.

The weather still continues cold and snow on the ground, thus preventing our farmers and gardeners proceeding with their spring work.

John H. Picknell has deposited $50.00 to assist in bringing out Sarah and Fanny Picknell, St. Louis, and R. Snedden $25.00 to bring Agnes Snedden, Gravois, St Louis. If you can possibly arrange to have these persons sent on with other families where there services would be required and considered nearly an equivalent for their passage. I would like you to do so.
Tell bro. Kesler to bring on two plates of thin boiler iron

Your Bro. in the Gospel

Brigham Young