1859 April 4 Letter to Henry David Dall, William West, et al.


1859 April 4 Letter to Henry David Dall, William West, et al.


Brigham will appoint someone to investigate and adjudicate the disputed business affairs.




Brigham Young


Henry David Dall
William West
William Finch
Henry L. Cook


1859 April 4


Great Salt Lake City
Goshen, Utah County, U. T.


Business Matters

Item sets

G. S. L. City, Apr. 4. 1859

Messrs. Henry David Dall, William West, William Finch, and Henry L. Cook,
Goshen, Utah County, U. T.

Your communication of March 23d. is at hand, and I regret that, doubtless with good motives on both sides, you are not able to manage your affairs so as to give general satisfaction to all who are disposed and strive to do right.

Inasmuch as you seem to come somewhat short of accomplishing so desirable a condition of your local affairs, so soon as proper and reasonably convenient I will endeavor to designate some suitable person to visit your place and fairly investigate and adjudicate matters of difference.

Please say to Bishop P. W. Cook that in my opinion he had better, so far as possible, let difficulties sleep until the arrival of the above named person, and not to indulge any ill feelings towards yourselves or any others because of your request to me to appoint some one to examine into and settle difficulties, for the right of petition is, or should be, free to all who deem themselves aggrieved, that matters may be thoroughly understood and satisfactorily arranged for the welfare of all who befriend truth, mercy and justice.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young