1859 April 8 Letter to George Q. Cannon


1859 April 8 Letter to George Q. Cannon


An affidavit and notes from the Parrishes and Potter case are enclosed.




Brigham Young


George Q. Cannon


1859 April 8


Great Salt Lake City
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Legal Matters

Item sets


President's Office
Great Salt Lake City April 8th, 59

Elder George Q. Cannon,
Philadelphia, Pen.

Dear Brother George:--
Herewith please find an affidavit made by A. Miner, two by W. M. Wall, and a part of the notes of the questioning of Mrs. Parrish by Judge Cradlebaugh in what is called the Parrishes and Potter case. It is anticipated that opportunity will, ere long, present for the reliable transmission of sundry items that is not deemed worth while to waste time in writing for general perusal, especially when such perusal is likely to be denied to the legitimate owner.

No collision as yet, notwithstanding the strenuous efforts of certain persons therefor; and affairs are moving quietly, and, we trust, favorably for the welfare of all who delight in the rightful enjoyment of the blessings and privileges guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of our country.

Your bro. in the Gospel

Brigham Young