1859 April 13 Letter to John Eager


1859 April 13 Letter to John Eager


Brigham encourages self restraint towards the harsh words and random firing from soldiers. Forbearance is also counseled toward the Indians.




Brigham Young


John Eager


1859 April 13


Great Salt Lake City
Manti, San Pete County, U. T.


Indian Affairs

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G. S. L. City, April 13. 1859

Elder John Eager,
Manti, San Pete Co., U. T.,

Dear Brother:-- Matters here appear to be moving about right, and probably will, by the continued practice of the patient and forbearing policy and the principle of each one living his religion, attending strictly, in all patience, to his own affairs and helping others do all the good possible. Words are but air put in motion and do not kill, neither do the firing of guns and pistols, if the balls do not hit any person; and though harsh words and random firing are not pleasant, still they are far less annoying and less injurious and expensive than many things that might arise from taking notice of them, any further than a record of the names, dates, and facts, which should always be done when possible Patience winneth, even in a hard race, and will doubtless succeed in the present
The lateness of the season dictates that even preparation be at once made for the vigorous prosecution of plowing, seeding, setting out trees, repairing fences, &c. as the weather shall permit, that present timely storms may not prove a drawback upon harvests.

As heretofore, be kind and lenient towards the red men in your region, ever bearing in mind that we learn but slowly, and carefully weighing the relative circumstances of their condition.

It is reported that some persons have been hiring Indians at Nephi to hunt up and disclose the whereabouts of some persons, who or what for I am not informed; nor do I know what policy they had in view in pursuing such a course. It would seem that they might be aware that such a proceeding is very uncertain, and might be expending funds for naught, since it would be very natural for an Indian to report hunting he had not done, and claim and receive pay therefor, or be made angry by its refusal. However, the ways of many persons are peculiar and rather difficult to account for, except by those who discern.

Take care of yourselves and live your religion. I remain

Your brother in the gospel,
Brigham Young