1859 April 13 Letter to Rogers, Anderson & Co


1859 April 13 Letter to Rogers, Anderson & Co


Questions on how to proceed with a financial note.




Brigham Young


Rogers, Anderson & Co


1859 April 13


Great Salt Lake City
St. Louis, Missouri


Financial Matters

Item sets


G. S. L. City, April 13th. 1859

Messrs Rogers, Anderson & Co
St. Louis, Mo.,

Much to my surprise, on account of its ancient date, your letter, bearing date July 6, /57, came to hand yesterday, together with an inclosed note given by S. M. Blair to Charles Rogers for $1545 35/100. The last season's move and other matters and movements preceding and succeeding, tending more or less to derange business plans and operations, have probably disappointed Mr. Blair in carrying out the views he may have had when giving said note. He has considerable property in Utah and some claims against the Government, and, should business affairs again open up here, he may be able to liquidate your note, but expresses an entire inability to do so at present.

At both my business and duties preclude my attending to such matters, please inform me what disposition I shall make of the above named note, whether to return it to you, or to place it in the hands of some person here, whom you may name, for collection.


Brigham Young