1859 April 30 Letter to James R. Ivie


1859 April 30 Letter to James R. Ivie


Counsel on how to settle safely.




Brigham Young


James R. Ivie


1859 April 30


Great Salt Lake City
Pleasant Creek, San Pete Co. U. T.



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President's Office
G. S. L. City, Ap'l 30th 1859.

James R. Ivie,
Pleasant Creek, San Pete Co. U. T.

Dear Brother,
In reply to your letter of the 20th Inst., I have to inform you that I have heard no complaints concerning yourself and associates in regard to your proceedings in making your new settlement, and trust there will be no grounds for any reasonable complaint by any one disposed to do right.

In your location it would seem to be an easy matter to manage your surveys justly for the benefit of all concerned, to take early and efficient steps for building a secure fort, that you may be safe in an Indian country, and conduct all your affairs upon wise principles, living industriously and humbly, that you may make your settlement pleasant and beneficial to yourselves, the country and the Territory at large, in all of which you have the best wishes of,

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young