1859 April 30 Letter to William and Jane Black


1859 April 30 Letter to William and Jane Black


Counsel to investigate with mercy and kindness.




Brigham Young


Jane Black
William Black


1859 April 30


Great Salt Lake City
Manti, San Pete Co. U. T.



Item sets


President's Office,
G. S. L. City, Ap'l 30./59

Wm. T. and Jane Black,
Manti, San Pete Co. U. T.

Dear Brother & Sister.
The last Southern mail brought me your kind letter of the 20th Inst., and from my acquaintance with your son William, I am inclined to view his conduct, as stated in your letter, in the same light that you do, and do not think that William did or would do an intentional wrong act. Please say to Prest. Chapman and Bishop Snow, whenever convenient, that I would like to have them, so soon as they may be able, enquire into the matter as fathers and not as masters, and always let mercy have its fullest claim, especially with the young, for kindness and forbearance are very essential and saving principles, and should be exercised to the utmost extent that justice will permit.

Matters at Camp Floyd and in this City are very quiet, and the people are busily engaged in plowing and seeding, and are generally enjoying good health.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young