1859 May 4 Letter to F. Kesler


1859 May 4 Letter to F. Kesler


An update is given on the Military affairs in Utah. Fewer teams will be available to aid the emigration from Florence.




Brigham Young


F. Kesler


1859 May 4


Great Salt Lake City
Florence, N. T.



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Great Salt Lake City, May 4th 1859.

Bp F. Kesler,
Florence, N. T.

Dear Brother:--
From your letter to Prest. Kimball, March 26, I was pleased to learn of your diligence, good health, fine spirits; and general prosperity. Since the adjournment of Judge Cradlebaugh's Court in Provo, the proceedings of which you will have seen in the 'News' with the exception of a few rumours, affairs in Camp Floyd and generally have been quiet. April 21st, 2 Companies of infantry and 1 of wagons left camp Floyd to meet & escort Major Prince, who is returning from California with funds for the troops; Judge Cradlebaugh accompanied the troops, whether to enquire into the Mountain Meadow Massacre, or whether on his way to Arizona or California has not transpired here. A few more dragoons are said to have since started to join the above named escort. Thus far, thanks to Israel's God, the wicked have failed in the execution of their cruel plans, and, through their evil designs being overruled for good, have in many ways been of signal service to the lovers of truth in Utah, though the lessons from that source have been rather annoying to the feelings at times, and are occasionally so still.

Circumstances have transpired to lesson the number of teams it was anticipated to send to your aid at Florence, but it will all be right as it is, and you and Bro. Horace and the Brethren associated with you will be able to accomplish all that is really necessary, therefore continue to do the best you can and be careful not to suffer yourselves to become despondent.

A rather tedious winter and backward spring have given place to warm weather and prospects are very flattering for abundant harvests of grain, fruit, &c.
The general health of the people is good, and they are very busily occupied in the various operations connected with tilling the soil.

Ever praying for your best welfare, I remain
Your Brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young