1859 May 4 Joseph E. Johnson


1859 May 4 Joseph E. Johnson


A notice that the train for Florence will be unable to take the wheat.




Brigham Young


Joseph E. Johnson


1859 May 4


Great Salt Lake City
Deer Creek Station


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Great Salt Lake City, U. T.
May 4th 1859.

Mr. Joseph E. Johnson,
At Deer Creek Station or enroute for that point.

Dear Sir:--
Your Brother Benjamin favored me with the perusal of your letter to him concerning wheat, &c., at which time I thought it probable that the train for Florence would be able to take the wheat. Since then circumstances have transpired to so lesson the intended number of that train that it will not be able to do any but its own hauling.
You can probably manage your land and time with such seeds as you may have with you and those which perhaps, you can procure in that region, and will doubtless, be able, after the hurry of work is past, to send here for your fall wheat; and winter and spring's supply of flour, &c., as present prospects are very flattering for abundant harvests in Utah.

Respectfully yours,

Brigham Young