1859 May 6 Letter to Horace S. Eldredge


1859 May 6 Letter to Horace S. Eldredge


A document plotting the mail stations from Missouri to Utah is to be forwarded to Washington.




Brigham Young


Horace S. Eldredge


1859 May 6


Great Salt Lake City
St. Louis, Missouri



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Elder Horace S. Eldredge
St. Louis Mo.

Dear Brother:--
Inclosed I forward you, by Bro. Feramorz Little, plots of the Mail stations made by Mr. Hiram Kimball, of this City on the mail route from this city to Independence, Mo., which were surveyed for him in 1857 by Deputy Surveyor Thomas D. Brown, as follows:-- On Sweet Water, near the Rocky Ridge, N. T., 640 acres; On Sweet, at Devil's Gate, N. T. 640 Acres; on Deer Creek, N. T. 640 Acres; On Horse Shoe Creek, N. T. 640 acres; On La Bonte, N. T. 640 Acres. It is designed to lodge these plots in the General Land Office in Washington, or in the appropriate Bureau of the Department of the Interior, and, as opportunity for safe transmission occurs but seldom, they are now forwarded to your care to be safely kept until you receive instructions concerning the further disposition to be made of them, for it is probably useless to send them to Washington until some person is there to attend to the matter.

Your Brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young