1859 May 20 Letter to Curtis and William Appleby


1859 May 20 Letter to Curtis and William Appleby


Brigham counsels the men to seek assistance from the Probate Court to settle their family affairs.




Brigham Young


Curtis Appleby
William P. Appleby


1859 May 20


Great Salt Lake City


Domestic Dispute

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G. S. L. City, May 20. 1859

Messrs. Curtis Appleby and William P. Appleby,

In reply to your letter of the 19th inst. written in behalf of Mrs. Sarah B. Appleby, I have to inform you that your letter contained the first intimation to me of br. Appleby's ill treating his family in any manner; and so far from br. Appleby's traducing his family, either in conversation with me or any where that I have heard of, in my hearing, when conversing about his wife and children, he has invariably spoken of them in terms of affection and respect. From these and other circumstances, I have ever entertained a good opinion of Mrs. Appleby and her children, being under the impression that she quietly and unostentatiously attended to the avocations pertaining to the proper care and management of them and of her household matters, one of the most commendable traits in a woman's character.

I was pained to learn, from your letter, that br. Appleby is trying to annoy his family and narrow their comfort by withholding means and other facilities within his ability for their welfare, and upon this point take the liberty to advise you to apply to the Probate Court of this county, the Judge of which, so far as known, has a well earned reputation for integrity; and I have no doubt, should you still be unable to satisfactorily arrange your family affairs at home, he will counsel and adjudicate, upon any point of difference submitted to him, with wisdom, legality, and justice to all parties.


Brigham Young