1859 May 23 Letter to [likely Alvin ] Nichols


1859 May 23 Letter to [likely Alvin ] Nichols


Counsel to promptly settle a business matter.




Daniel H Wells


[Alvin ] Nichols


1859 May 23


Great Salt Lake City


Financial Matters
Business Matters

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Great Salt Lake City, May 23d/59

Bishop Nichols

Dear Brother:-- Bro Lewis was here for pay for that carriage; he offered to take the carriage and fifty dollars and settle it. I think we had better do so; If however you prefer to keep the carriage you can do so by paying the hundred dollars in money or two good, young, fresh Milch cows.

The business must be settled immediately. The other fifty dollars we expect to pay for the use of the carriage while in public service and if you keep it will be made out on your account as Bishop, but either the carriage or the hundred dollars or the two cows must be forthcomeing immediately.

Please give this matter your earliest attention and oblige your Brother
in the Gospel

Daniel H Wells