1859 February 11 Letter to Asa Calkin


1859 February 11 Letter to Asa Calkin


A request to assist the Gibbons and Bethell families to emigrate from England.




Brigham Young


Asa Calkin


1859 February 11


Great Salt Lake City

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Great Salt Lake City
Feb. 11th. 1859

Asa Calkin,

Dear Brother:--

Since writing per John Y. Green, nothing of any general interest has occurred.  I write you by Mail, trusting that you may receive in time to accomplish the object of this writing, which is, to assist the families of Thomas Gibbons and Thomas Bithell to emigrate.

Thomas Gibbons is here, and sends for his wife Elizabeth Gibbons, and four children.  Address, Care of John Reid, Collarne, near Bath, England, and are to come through.  Thomas Bithell and his family, Ann, Hannah, Thomas, junr, Joseph, Mary, Susannah and Agnes Estop:  they are sent for by Samual Bithell who is here in the employ of E. D. Woolley, and only asks for one hundred and fifty dollars at present, just sufficient to enable them to cross the water, and perhaps aid them to some place in the interior away from New York or Boston, where they can do better, or at least get employment.  He is not yet able to send more, and perhaps with this much aid they may they may be able soon to make their own way through.  Their address is No. 11, Denbigh Street, Birkenhead, Cheshire, Birkenhead Branch, Liverpool Conference, England.

We have no news of importance to write, as matters remain quiet.  The winter has been rather unusually steady cold weather, but snows generally light in this part of the Territory, but unusually heavy South, averaging about one foot deep at Parowan.

As before advised, you will please aid Brother Horace S. Eldredge in money matters what you can.

Your family are well, and all is right.

May God bless and preserve you from every evil.
As ever your Brother in the Gospel

Brigham Young