1859 February 18 Letter to Horace S. Eldredge


1859 February 18 Letter to Horace S. Eldredge


Brigham requests the purchase of a list of articles and materials to be delivered to Joseph Young. Includes payment information and additional instructions to assist Mrs. Russell with emigrating to Utah.




Brigham Young


Horace S. Eldredge


1859 February 18


Great Salt Lake City
St. Louis, MO


Financial Matters
List of Articles
Overland Travel

Item sets

Great Salt Lake City,
Feb. 18. 1859.

H. S. Eldredge Esq.
St. Louis  Mo

Dear Sir,

I wish you to purchase the following Bill of articles for Jos. Young for which he has deposited the money with me.  They should be packed in one parcel, together, and marked to him, viz.

4 Bolts Pea Green Paper

30 yds Crimson Cotton  Velvet

24  " Red Worsted Bullion Fringe

6 Window Curtains, Painted on Canvas, each 9 ft long

4 ½ ft wide, ready for hanging-- in the Hall.

Means-- deposited $47.00 which will be forwarded to you probably the 1st March.

I wish you to render Mrs. Russell what assistance she may need to come to the valley comfortably.  She will apply to you for this purpose.  She is the widow of Father Russell from England who died here.

We shall send some few <four> mule teams and wagons to aid in bringing on the goods, to start about 1st May.  D. H. Wells, H. C. Kimball each one and F. Little and myself three or four more.

Your friend &c

Brigham Young