1859 June 9 Letter to Feramorz Little


1859 June 9 Letter to Feramorz Little


A request to purchase and ship items and instructions on how to safely transport potentially dangers items.




Brigham Young


Feramorz Little


1859 June 9


Great Salt Lake

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Great Salt Lake City June 9th. 1859

Bro F M Little

Dear Sir
I want to have the following Bill purchased and forwarded by the train <your> train this fall without fail and if there is not sufficient means on hand please consider me responsible to any party of whom you purchase or who may advance the means and I will forward the money as soon as possible soon as a safe opportunity presents itself.

Bill of Articles for Assaying Gold & Silver

12. half Gallon glass bottles that will stand transition from heat to cold, to boil nitric acid in glass [gap in typescript] shape
12 Quart glass Bottles same shape and style as above for same purpose
3 One Gallon china cups to wash nitric acid off the metals [gap in typescript] shape if there is no china get glass
1 Glass Syphon to draw off the acid [gap in typescript] that will suite the cups and fit the Bottles
50 lb of Nitric acid in Black junk Bottle holding a quart ground Glass stoppers well fitted and fastened down
20 lbs Sulphuric Acid put up same as nitric acid
The Nitric & Sulphuric acids must be of the purest kind
20 lb Purest Saltpetre

A Barrel <lot> of Quart German sand crucibles as many as you can pack <on a barrel>

These articles must be packed very carefully especially the acids they must be put up in heavy firm Black glass junk quart bottles with ground glass stoppers well fitted and fastened down and then packed 4 or 6 in a box with plenty of room to allow for bran to pack them in the reason that so much care is required is the danger of the acids taking fire should a bottle get broke. Whoever purchases these articles must superintend or send some suitable person to superintend the shipment and travel with these articles to the train and see them properly and safely disposed of in the train where they can be easily got at in case of accident and in such wagons as where they would do the least damage. The Boxes must be marked to signify their dangerous quality and this Side up with care.

Should you be obliged to get the crucibles by the nest let the largest and greatest number be of the quart size

Whoever takes charge of those articles from St Louis to florence should speak to the Captain or steward of the Steam boat or the director of the railway train and get the priviledge of handeling those Boxes himself

Brigham Young

Bro. Salisbury

Dear Sir if Bro. Little & Bro Coward are gone, please purchase this Bill and forward it to the train as per directions.

And the train you purchase of may send a draft to any House in this city and I will pay it or I will send the money by the first safe opportunity

Brigham Young